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A screenshot of the @New Eiffel Government message chain, from the perspective of Zarel's account
An example of an @New Eiffel Government meme

@New Eiffel Government is a MicroWiki meme and chain originating from MicroWiki@Discord. The meme is about 'pinging' ("@ing") Zarel Smith's Discord account called New Eiffel Government#4073. The meme originally started on 19 April 2019. It is notably one of the most popular memes in the MicroWiki sector. Various memes about the message chain have been created. The chain has occasionally been broken and gone unnoticed, however this is very rare.



The meme originally started on 19 April 2019, when users started pinging New Eiffel Government#4073, creating small chains of pings in between conversations.

The meme eventually died down a bit near the end of April. On 2 May, the meme had moved to the channel government-and-politics, where it started a small chain of messages pinging New Eiffel Government#4073. Every now and again in between other conversations, people would start message chains pinging New Eiffel Government#4073. On 1 June, the user known as Lord Dweebington LXIX#7588 pinged New Eiffel Government#4073 in the same channel. 3 days later, another user by the name cameron#8067 also pinged New Eiffel Government#4073, when on the same day another seven users did the same. This started a chain which as of 1 July 2020 has more than 7,600 messages pinging New Eiffel Government#4073. On 7 June, the channel was renamed to new-eiffel-government, and a new government-and-politics channel was created. All messages on new-eiffel-government that are not pinging New Eiffel Government#4073 are deleted.[1] New Eiffel Government#4073 changed his nickname on MicroWiki@Discord to ! Prince Zarel I 【New Eiffel】!, which is also what the channel was renamed to.


In October 2019, Cameron I created a role called 'Zed Manager' which he gave himself so that whenever the chain gets broken other users can ping the Zed Manager role, rather than the 'Administrators' role, which would needlessly ping all of the administrators. As of 6 April 2020, there are three users with the Zed Manager role, including Zarel himself. By 18 November 2019, the channel had 2,476 pings. On 24 December 2019, 164 pings were posted in the channel, the most in record.[citation needed] Because of this in early January 2020, a one-minute slowmode was added.

A "fake ping" sent on 29 January 2020 by Jayden Lycon, it was later deleted in April 2020.

Most commonly in February 2020, the chain had occasionally been repeatedly broken by a small number of users in protest against the channel or simply to troll, resulting in most of them being warned and some temporarily kicked from MicroWiki@Discord. Multiple users (most commonly Jayden Lycon, Cole Baird and Alex Cwerl)[citation needed] have posted photos in the channel which looks like the ping. The longest unnoticed fake ping was from Jayden Lycon (governor of the state of iowa) who sent a fake ping on 29 January 2020, which was later removed by an administrator sometime in April 2020. Some users have also edited older messages to no-longer be pings, making it not easily visible to administrators. On 21 April, a technical administrator wired a command to Dyno bot, a server moderation Discord bot, which can ping Zarel by being commanded by a user with the administrator role. On 11 June, Zarel changed his Discord username to 'zarel#4073', and on 18 June a new role called "Zed Ban" making reoffenders of breaking the chain unable to type in the channel was created. As of 22 April 2020, the channel had over 5,875 pings and the chain is still active. Since the middle of September 2020, with the huge influx of daily new members into MicroWiki@Discord as well as some continued criticism for the chain's existence, vandalism became a daily occurrence. The 10,000th ping in the channel was reached on 17 September 2020 by Leon Montan. The milestone was posted in the announcements channel of the Discord. The current name of the channel is "jasper-and-max-are-pinged.”


Notable statistics:

  • On 24 December 2019, 164 pings were posted in the channel, the most in record.[citation needed] Because of this in early January 2020, a one-minute slowmode was added.
  • Over 300 individuals have pinged in the channel.[citation needed]
  • By 18 November 2019, the channel had 2,476 pings. By 22 April 2020, it had over 5,875 pings. The 10,000th ping in the channel was reached on 17 September 2020.
  • The longest time vandalism has gone undetected is from Cameron I on 18 November 2019 with the message "happy birthday" added in front of the ping, as it was Zarel's birthday. As of 17 May 2020, the message is still there, being left alone.
  • Zarel has pinged himself over 1,000 times in the channel.

Users who pinged the most times

User Pings
Zarel Smith 1,375
Jonathan I 625
Cole Baird 400
Tomáš Falešník 400
Nicholas Randouler 200

Reception and influence

The meme has become one of the longest-running and most popular in the MicroWiki Sector. The phrase has sometimes been used outside of MicroWiki@Discord. The MicroWiki General Survey which had 34 participants asked participants to pick which MicroWiki meme they thought was the most popular from five options - @New Eiffel Government was the most popular with 15, followed by Arkovia/merge with 4. 10 participants selected "no answer".[2] Zarel has stated that he likes the meme because it makes him "feel famous", and also claims it may have played a role in his rise in popularity within the community.


Some users, such as Sertor Valentinus, have criticised the chain saying it takes up space on the server or is otherwise unnecessary; however the negative attitude towards the chain has seemed to change in more recent times.

Jonathan I has stated in response to this that the channel "will be there until the end of the server."

Chains based on @New Eiffel Government

During the North African Empire Defensive War, the user Karlos was disregarded as a troll and made the target of an equvalent channel on the Czech-language MicroWiki Discord.

A number of ping chains on various other micronational servers have been partly inspired by the chain, however not purely based on it.

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