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The following article concerns a list of online encyclopedias dedicated to micronationalism. As of July 2022, the largest such encyclopedia is the collaborative wiki MicroWiki, with 39,447 entries.


Name Focus Accessible Entries Notes
Czech MicroWiki Intermicronational 2012–present 1,787 In Czech and also a wiki. Czech-language edition of MicroWiki.
Enciclopédia Jéssica Intermicronational
22 November 1999 (first published)
561 In Portuguese. Content moved to Wikimicropídia.
Encyclopedia Corviniana Principality of Corviniana c.1999–2000 Unknown As of August 2022, no snapshots are known to exist online.
Encyclopedia Westarctica Grand Duchy of Westarctica 12 March 2018–present 1,005 Also a private wiki.
The Freak Encyclopedia United Slabovian Empire 13 May 2011–present 170 Satirical. Also known as Slabipedia.
Historical-Biographical-Encyclopaedic Dictionary of the Micronations Intermicronational 1992–99 Unknown In Portuguese. Merged into the Enciclopédia Jéssica.
Historical-Biographical-Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Porto Claro Kingdom of Porto Claro 1998–99 Unknown In Portuguese. Merged into the Enciclopédia Jéssica.
The Imperial Collection Micronational stamps, coins and banknotes c.2001–9 December 2006 10s Also included overviews of the micronations featured.
Kaznian Empire Encyclopedia Kaznian Empire c.June 2006 Unknown Mentioned in the MicroWiki article "history of Cheslovia".
The Konmalehth Libraries Konmalehth member states c.October 2018–March 2022 525 Also a wiki.
Libertian Archives Karno-Ruthenian Empire 9 September 2015 740 Includes archived documents related to Ruthenia.
Micronations DataBase Micronations Winter 1996–99 574 Also a web directory.
MicroPedia Intermicronational 25 January 2020–present 539 In Portuguese. Also a wiki.
MicroWiki Intermicronational 27 May 2005–present 39,447 Also a wiki.
Royal Wiki Confederation of Mahuset 1 November 2012–present. 150 Also a wiki.
TalossaWiki Kingdom of Talossa 28 June 2012–present. 1,045 Despite its name, TalossaWiki is not a traditional wiki per se. Includes archived documents.
Wikimicropídia Intermicronational 10 February 2006–present. 2,809 In Portuguese. Also a wiki.

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