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The inactive Micronations on the Web directory, founded in April 1998
A more detailed list of micronations

The following is a list of indexes and web directories accessible via the Internet that list micronations. Websites attempting to list micronations—whether exhaustive or following a certain criteria—were popular from the late 1990s to early 2000s. With the rise of the World Wide Web in the 1990s, micronational communities began forming online; aside from e-mailing, GeoCities was one of the most popular websites were such communities flourished. As this was before the birth of social media and wikis, most micronations had their own national websites which contained information about them and included means of conducting diplomacy, which was usually through e-mail. As there was no central website dedicated to micronationalism at the time, several micronationalists made their own lists of micronations, commonly including links to their websites to act as a web directory. Some were exhaustive, attempting to list every known micronation, whilst others followed a certain criteria. By the early 2000s, most of these websites shut down or became dormant, though some still exist and are intermittently updated. With the foundation of MicroWiki on 27 May 2005—which allows any registered user to create an article about their own micronation—and the rise of social media, the need for a national website was no longer in high demand, and thus micronational web directories were no longer needed; neither were lists of micronations, as MicroWiki was more convenient and allowed for entire articles to be written.


Excluding wikis, MicroIndex is the largest index with 547 micronations listed. It has not been updated since at least 19 May 2006.

Website Founded No.[a] Criteria Status March 2009 186 (virtual)
125 (physical)
Existed for 12 months Defunct c.2004 12 All Active
Microfreedom Index 19 January 1999[b]
2008 (modern)
40 (distinguished)
14 (emerging)
246 (defunct)
All Active
MicroIndex c.2000 547 All Inactive
Micronational & Secessionist States Ring[1] 22 Has a national website Down
Micronations DataBase Early 1997 574[2] Down
Micronations on the Web April 1998 122 Has a national website Inactive
The Micronations Page c.November 1995 Down
Micronational Web Directory[3] 8 January 2001 45 Has a national website Down
Micropedia's list of micronations[4] 2008 48 Entry on Micropedia Down
MicroWiki's category:Micronations 27 May 2005 5,315 Entry on MicroWiki Active 2007 40 Has a national website Active
Reunião's list of micronations[5] c.1998 190 Has a national website Down
Wikipedia's list of micronations 8 January 2003 87 Entry on Wikipedia Active
Zenzibar's Alternative Cultures Directory[6] 1999 27 Has a national website Down
Last update: 6 May 2022

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