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Screenshot of MicroIndex, 2022
Type of site
Available inEnglish
OwnerGovernment of the Kingdom of Bannesled
Current statusInactive; still accessible

MicroIndex is an inactive index website that lists micronations. Maintained by the Kingdom of Bannesled, the index is no longer updated, and "lists all the micronations that the Kingdom of Bannesled is aware of". As of 2022, the index listed 547 micronations in alphabetical order, most of which had links to their national websites. Internet users could report errors in the index by filling out a form linked on the website. Users could also request for micronations to be listed via that same form. MicroIndex has not been updated since at least 19 May 2006.


MicroIndex was founded in c.2000. It listed 513 micronations by 4 August 2003; after reaching 522 micronations by 14 February 2004, the index would not be updated until 2006, when it reached 547 micronations. Since at least 19 May 2006, the index has not been updated, which is likely related to the stagnation of Bannesled. In c.2007, the form was closed for the foreseeable future due to "misuse".

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