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Micronations on the Web
Screenshot of the directory, unchanged since at least September 2000
Type of site
Web directory
Available inEnglish[1]
OwnerGovernment of the Principality of Rittergeist
Founder(s)Joseph Bloch
LaunchedApril 1998
Current statusDormant; still accessible

Micronations on the Web is a dormant website and web directory listing the national websites of micronations.[2] Founded in April 1998 by Joseph Bloch, the project was taken over in c. February 1999 by the government of the Principality of Rittergeist. As of 2022, Micronations on the Web listed 122 websites, and was no longer being updated. The directory is hosted on Tripod.com. Once ubiquitous within the early micronational community, it is possible that Micronations on the Web may have popularised the term "macronation" for a sovereign nation-state.


Micronations on the Web was founded in April 1998 by Joseph Bloch,[3] originally hosted on Geocities at www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Senate/5385.[4] The directory also ranked micronations according to the level of perceived seriousness by Micropatrologist and "real world" involvement. Micropatrologist widely advertised the directory on Usenet newsgroup alt.politics.micronations, and requested that users e-mail them to have their websites added to the directory.[5] By January 1999, the government of the Principality of Rittergeist took over control of the project, and moved the directory to Tripod.com at members.tripod.com/rittergeist. This was also around the time the rankings were removed, with websites now being listed only in alphabetical order.[6] Snapshots of the website on the Internet Archive show that the directory has not been updated since at least September 2000.[7] In 2009, the directory's domain was moved to rittergeist.tripod.com by Tripod.com.

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