Adrianne Baugh

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First Lady Adrianne Baugh

Adrianne Baugh is the First Lady of the Republic of Molossia, a micronation located in northern Nevada and surrounded by the United States. She has been the wife of President Kevin Baugh since 2011 and was presented to the public as the First Lady of Molossia in 2009.

Activities as First Lady

Mme. Adrianne's first official public role was representing Molossia in the 2009 Nevada Day Parade in Carson City, Nevada. Both she and the Molossian First Family appeared in the parade with President Baugh and his entourage. She immediately assumed various duties in the government and helped govern the nation at the side of the President.

Presidential wedding

The Presidential Couple with the Royals of Calsahara

The couple was wed on 10 September 2011 at the Lake Mansion in Reno, Nevada. At 4:30 PM the wedding ceremony took place in the main room of the Lake Mansion. The President appeared in formal attire and enjoyed various festivities, and the Presidential couple was driven away by a limousine.

Full title and offices

Madame Adrianne Marie Baugh, First Lady of Molossia
First Lady of the Republic,
Deputy Head of State and Head of Government
Minister of Internal Affairs,
Minister of State Security,
Minister of Finance
Minister of Pretty Much Everything The President Isn't

Honorary Citizenship from Sancratosia in 2022.