Transportation in New Eiffel

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Sign of Dead Tree Lane in November 2019

Transportation in New Eiffel is a small transportation system with no airports, railways or major car roads. Transport consists exclusively of walking or riding a bicycle, and very rarely vehicle transportation. New Eiffel is widely known for its wide range of transportation, especially for a small micronation.


A car is owned by the royal family, and is often used to transport the residents of New Eiffel where needed.



Map of roads in New Eiffel

New Eiffel has five bike roads, the New Eiffel Main Route 1 heading from Seat Square to the New Eiffel-United Kingdom West Border is the most frequently used, and is the longest road in New Eiffel.[1] It is the only road with travels through all three New Eiffelic cities, and is also the only fully paved one. The J16 begins at the easternmost point of Plitvice, heads westward and terminates at an intersection with Prince Zabëlle I Road and Dead Tree Lane in Új Repülő.[2] Dead Tree Lane leads into Unnamed Circle — the only roundabout in New Eiffel — and is notable for being the only road in New Eiffel to have road signs. Prince Zabëlle I Road is a very short connector road connecting the J16 to the Main Route 1. The J25 is the shortest road at roughly 6-metre (19 ft).[3]


N.B.R. Bike Parking is a bike parking lot located in Plitvice. It has seven parking spots.

Foot travel

Seat Square is a town square, and the only of its kind in New Eiffel. New Eiffel has three allies; New Leeds Alley, South Alley and Walkway Alley. All three of them are infrequently used however. New Eiffel Gardens is a public garden.


New Eiffel has three streets, all of which are located in Új Repülő. !khās Street was formerly recognised as an alley, however was designated ǃkhās Street on 28 December 2019, and officially recognised as a street alongside Seat Street, which's recognition as a street was later revoked. Storage for You!'s headquarters and a privately-owned shed are located on the street. Új Repülő Street was officially designated as a street on 9 February 2020, and Gæ Pis Street was officially designated on 26 February.[4]

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