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Zabëlle Skye
Erstwhile coat of arms as Prince of New Eiffel (4 March 2019–20 June 2020)
Prince of New Eiffel
In office
11 August 2018–20 June 2020
Prime Ministers Maria van Bosch (2018–19)
Janus Smith (19–20)[a]
Christina Nowell (20–20)[b]
Leon Montan (20–20)
Predecessor Office established
Successor Janus I
Prince of the Autonomous State of Novaskye
In office
Since 18 September 2022
Vice-President of the Republic of Averna
In office
Since 11 September 2022
Citizenship (macronational):
United Kingdom
South Africa
Occupation Writer  • micronational historian  • etymologist  • statistician  • MicroWiki contributor
Religion Calvinism
Known for Former most prolific editor on MicroWiki
Nicknames ZLS  • Zed  • Luna  • ZabëlleNB  • Z Luna Skye  • Zeddy
Military service
Allegiance  Baustralia
Service/branch  Baustralian Army
In service 2020 - present
Rank Corporal
Unit Royal Rifles (2020-2021)
Baustralian Dragoons (2021-)

Zabëlle Lunarius Skye (IPA: zɑːbɛl; hyphenation: za‧bel; abbr. ZLS), also known mononymously as Zed and rarely Luna, is a British-South African semi-retired micronationalist and micropatriological polymath—writer, micronational historian, etymologist, statistician and noted MicroWiki contributor. Widely known for their abundant community-wide projects, Skye served as CEO of Statistic-Dime and its predecessors between October 2018 and December 2020 and has been head of the Institute of Micropatriological Research since June 2022. Formerly a ubiquitous figure within the MicroWiki sector, Skye held a prolific participation in numerous micronations and intermicronational organisations between November 2018 until his retirement around December 2020, and held the highest edit count on MicroWiki—exceeding 53,000 edits—between 7 November 2019 and 4 December 2022. Skye is frequently regarded as one of the most influential micronationalists in the sector of 2020. Since February 2022, Skye has been active in researching and publicising the history of the intermicronational community, specialising in 1995–2003, Pedro Aguiar and affairs pertaining to the MicroWiki sector, particularly the wiki itself.

Skye's entry into micronationalism came with the foundation of the Republic of New Finland on 31 December 2017. Creating his own currency and initially involving his entire family, the Republic was plagued by periods of instability and inactivity. This led Skye to proclaim the Kingdom of New Finland on 4 June 2018, during which Skye established the national military, introduced equal rights for LGBT individuals, and fended off a civil war. In late July, Skye took a brief sabbatical from his leadership to focus on studying how to establish a successful country. On 11 August, Skye declared the Principality of New Eiffel and proclaimed himself prince, reigning as the nation's head of state between 11 August 2018 until his abdication on 20 June 2020. During his reign, Skye was credited for the vast majority of New Eiffel's cultural, diplomatic, architectural, archival and industrial development—particularly transportation—though he received notable criticism from the opposition Yellow Party for his lack of legislative lawmaking, neglect of political infrastructure and later for allowing non-residents to become citizens, all of which were contributing factors to the crisis in New Eiffel which began in December 2019. Throughout November 2018 and early 2020, Skye expanded New Eiffel's diplomatic outreach into the MicroWiki community, garnering New Eiffel a hugely favourable and influential reputation. New Eiffel would eventually dissolve due to the crisis on 1 November 2020.

Skye remains active on MicroWiki, and served as an administrator between 2 February 2020 and early January 2021, having had been a Patroller since 7 April 2019. Alongside his edit count, Skye has also created over 750 content articles on the wiki; as well as over 1,600 other pages—such as redirects, categories and talk pages. As CEO of Statistic-Dime, Skye ran several highly successful projects such as Micronationalist of the Month (January 2019–March 2021), Micronationalist of the Year (since December 2019; ongoing without Skye's involvement), Microcode (April 2019–December 2020) and DIME Magazine (one issue—November 2019). A statistician, Skye's surveys include the MicroWiki General Survey, LGBT Rights Index (both 2019 and 2020), GUM Member States Positivity Survey (2020) and the Nineteenth MicroWiki Influence Survey (2019–20), which received 105 respondences. Skye founded the Institute of Micropatriological Research in June 2022, and opened the Microtionary website in September, published the first edition of the Micronational Dictionary in October and announced the inaugural inductees of the Micronational Internet Hall of Fame in November. Since October, the Institute has been an Agency of the Empire of Lehmark under the Department of Education.

Outside of New Eiffel, Skye has held citizenship in over thirty micronations, and formerly had an active political career, being elected or appointed to several offices and positions including federal, judicial, ministerial, public sector and local employment. Presently, Skye is the Governor of the Austenasian territory Green Gate and vice-president of the Republic of Averna, alongside holding political positions in the Penn Federal Republic and Lehmark. Skye formerly held elected offices in the Abeldane Empire, Commonwealth of Essexia, Kingdom of Indradhanush, Principality of Oceania, People's Republic of Ponderosa Hills and Somcowian Federation, and was a member of parliament in the Aspen Empire and later Kingdom of Appalachia, Federal Republic of Caddia, Democratic Islamic Republic of Hala'ib Triangle, Mercia, Principality of Misberia, Principality of Posaf, Socialist United Republic of Ünie and the Republic of Yu-Xia. However, he received criticism for being seldom active in the majority of said positions. A vocal supporter of intermicronational organisations, Skye was the founder and first Chair of the Organisation of Active Micronations between 21 November 2018 and May 2019, and was heavily involved in the Micronational Olympic Federation (Vice-President of Sanctioned Events, 17 October 2019 – 30 September 2020), Grand Unified Micronational (various positions, 11 January–6 October 2020) and Cupertino Alliance (Superior Judge, 25 March–December 2020).

Formerly a ubiquitous figure within the MicroWiki sector, Skye used to be highly active on MicroWiki@Discord, briefly serving as an administrator between May and October 2020. A charismatic individual, Skye became the subject of several memes, including @New Eiffel Government which was popular between April 2019 and November 2020 and the more affectionate "Zedposting" in February 2020. Skye was also a member of several invitation-only micronational social clubs—prominently the Micropolitan Club and Lounge and Drunkiz Gadurō; he is also a co-founder of TOES and the Fun Gang. Skye was often cited as being one of the most influential micronationalists in the "New Guard" following the 2018 intake, and has been frequently regarded as one of the most influential micronationalists in the sector of 2020. Skye placed himself fourth on his list of the "Top 25 Most Influential Micronationalists in the MicroWiki Sector of 2020" in December, which was positively received. Skye was voted as Statistic-Dime's Micronationalist of the Month for February 2020—after having been nominated in March and August 2019—and was ranked fourth of ten by Nicholas Randouler in his Monthly MicroWiki Micronationalists Power Index for May 2020. He was also ranked fourth of 25 on MicroWiki's Top 25—a public opinion survey by Roscoe Statistics—in October 2020.

Republic of New Finland

Skye became interested in micronationalism after hearing about the Republic of Molossia via its website.[1] Soon after, Skye began researching micronationalism via Wikipedia, and founded his first micronation the Republic of New Finland on 31 December 2017,[2] on New Year's Eve minutes before New Year's Day; declaring himself President and laying claim to his cousins house in South Africa during a vacation to the country.[3] New Finland is often considered a predecessor to New Eiffel. Skye created New Finland's flag, coat of arms, and currency. On 4 January 2018, upon Skye's return to his home in Greater London, a new claim was made in his residence, and later the original claim in South Africa was dropped entirely due to the long distance.[c] The Republic, however, soon became plagued with inactivity, and so Skye began plans to reform it. Skye created a new flag and coat of arms alongside various other national symbols and reformed the law by creating a supreme court and enacted democracy into the nation.[4] Record of what happened in-between the Republic before the foundation of the Kingdom is relatively unknown, though allegedly there seems to have been a civil war.


King of New Finland

The Republic had been in a state of de facto anarchy for some time. Skye, wanting to bring back New Finland, decided to reform it into a monarchy, declaring himself as the King on 4 June 2018.[d] As King, Skye oversaw the reestablishment of the court and the reform of the law, the creation of His Royal Army of New Eiffel, and created the Łight Net currency. Skye also improved New Finlandic cinema, transportation and the press. In early June 2018,[e] the Supreme General Janus Skye (who was also the Minister of War) announced in a video that he had declared a coup d'état on New Finland, and would try to gain control over it. Janus proceeded to attack Skye around five minutes after he declared war, attacking him in his office. Skye quickly grabbed a wooden sword and defended himself by hitting Janus in the leg, causing him to desist. Janus was suspended until 30 June[f] After a short discussion, Skye made a deal with Janus that Janus would keep the peace if he made New Finland more democratic.[2] Skye, however, kept legal power over the courts, and pardoned himself from any accusations made against him or delayed the cases from proceeding. Skye later used legal loopholes and false accusations to steal resident's property. In late June, following the massive scandal, Skye willingly stepped down after heavy backlash from the population and the media, apparently "in tears". Soon after, every position was left in vacancy, and the Kingdom was de facto left in anarchy.[4]

Accession to New Eiffel

Coat of arms used by the Kingdom of New Finland and later New Eiffel between 4 June 2018–4 March 2019

On 8 August 2018, Skye had rediscovered micronationalism and became increasingly fascinated by the thought of reforming and returning New Finland to a state of activity. Pegging New Finland's disestablishment to its lack of planning, Skye made a checklist of things he wanted New Finland to have, and began researching micronationalism online, where he discovered MicroWiki (though he did not register an account until 27 September) and viewed the 6-part BBC light entertainment television series How to Start Your Own Country via YouTube. Presented by Danny Wallace, the series told the story of Wallace's experience of founding a micronation, Lovely, located in his London flat. The following day, Skye began work on the recognised public holidays, declared Christianity the official religion, and outlined some national symbols. On 10 August, Skye created the Citizens Index, and filmed a digital tour of New Eiffel, calling himself "Prince Zabëlle I". Skye officially declared the Principality of New Temporary independent on 11 August, declaring himself the Prince. Skye created the national flag on 11 August and later adopted the coat of arms which was used by the Kingdom of New Finland on 13 August. Between 11–29 August, Skye oversaw huge territorial, cultural and architectural development. He also wrote the national anthem "Friendly, New Eiffel", On 30 August, upon Janus's recommendation, New Temporary was renamed to New Eiffel in reference to the Eiffel Tower.[g] On 1 September, Skye declared a general election to take place between 15–25 December. On 10 September, Skye declared several national symbols and began work on a constitution on 25 September. Throughout October, Skye oversaw vast development of the law, military, maps, the media (especially television), territorial claims, and transportation. Throughout November, Skye began New Eiffel's huge diplomatic outreach into the MicroWiki community, and also created a business registry and citizenship application.

December 2018–2019

In December, Skye established the Royal Archives and created His Royal Mail Service of New Eiffel. Following the general election on 25 December, Maria Skye was declared Prime Minister of New Eiffel. On 21 January 2019, Skye wrote the national anthem "Stand tall, New Eiffel", which replaced the previous anthem. The constitution which Skye had begun writing in September 2018 was finished and adopted on 1 March. Skye commissioned Walker Schroeder, current Chancellor of the Unitary State of Swivia, for the creation of "Aardvarks on Parade" on 28 April, which was completed on 20 May the following year.[5][6] Skye created the Order of the Beaver on 25 March, Order of the Lion on 25 May and the Order of the Amphisbaena Potato on 15 June. Skye conducted New Eiffel's only census on 6 July.[7] On 3 September, by order of Skye, acts of the New Eiffelic parliament began being officially recorded. Skye wrote the Voting Reform Act which was passed on 9 October, reforming the requirements to vote in the general election.[8] After facing criticism from various Libertarians, Skye struck up an agreement with Janus, and wrote and proposed the Prince Powers Act, restricting and better defining the Monarch's powers.[9]

Crisis in New Eiffel and responses to the COVID-19 pandemic

On 14 December, Skye inadvertently lost the digital and only record of New Eiffel's constitution, starting the 2019–2020 New Eiffelic Constitution Crisis and subsequently the Crisis in New Eiffel. Despite this, the 2019 general election still took place as scheduled, and Janus Skye was declared Prime Minister. On 11 February 2020, a non-New Eiffelic citizen James Frisch offered to Skye to write a new constitution for New Eiffel. Skye accepted and oversaw its final revisions alongside Prime Minister Janus Skye, then the constitution was adopted via a referendum on 1 April. On 14 February 2020, Skye made a royal decree decreeing all New Eiffelic island territorial claims to be dropped, disestablishing the Island of A Férfiak, the Island of New Knight, and the Island of Zackro.[10] During the COVID-19 pandemic, Skye declared the first-ever state of caution due to the continuing spread of coronavirus in the surrounding areas. Skye was slow to react to the pandemic, and controversially took a "calm" approach, and stated on 15 March that sporting events and outside travel would not be restricted for the time being, however, later on 24 March Skye restricted all outside travel. Travel bans were lifted on 27 April with a set curfew. Due to the proximity of all New Eiffelic residents, no forms of social distancing was ever imposed. Furthermore, frequent hand sanitation was also highly recommended, though not enforced.[11] Skye received a mixed reception from internal as well as external critics on his response to the pandemic.[12][unreliable source] On 20 April, Janus was removed from his position through a motion of no confidence, and Leader of the Opposition Christina Nowell became the interim Prime Minister, however, she was removed through a motion of no confidence a few days later. After Parliament could not agree on who should become the next Prime Minister because of the constitution not defining it, they voted to temporarily make Skye an absolute monarch. On 1 May, the Document Forming the Transitional Government of New Eiffel was signed by Skye, and Parliament became the Transitional Legislature, and Leon Montan as First Minister, with Nowell becoming Deputy First Minister. Skye, alongside Montan, worked closely with Jayden Lycon from the Cupertino Electoral Supervisory Commission following New Eiffel's membership into the Cupertino Alliance to host a general election to help end the political crisis. Various delays, however, lasting for nearly a month took place, and the election finally began on 23 May and ended on 25 May, though ultimately proved unsuccessful.


Abdication letter

On 16 June, Skye announced his wish to abdicate. Skye revealed he had been considering his abdication "for a few months" prior. Skye said Skye signed his abdication letter on 18 June, which was to be made official upon Janus's coronation, whom Skye had chosen as the successor as Skye's brother. A crown was also created for the coronation, which had to be rushed due to Skye's short notice. At the coronation, the entire royal family was present — Skye took the crown and put it atop Janus's head, declaring him His Majesty Janus the First, Second Prince of New Eiffel. Skye gave a speech following his abdication:

It has been an honour to be the Prince of this nation, for nearly two years. We together have held strong through the good times, as well as the tough times. I definitely have no regrets, and I will never stop loving or even being involved with New Eiffel. I wish the new Prince the best of luck, and he has my full support and confidence he will serve and lead the nation successfully.

— Skye's abdication speech, spoken in person (2020)

Janus granted Skye the substantive title of "Duke of Hsed".[13]

MicroWiki Sector


The "MicroWiki Sector" is used to describe a group of micronations who have formed an independent, largely self-contained community on MicroWiki by using its wiki, its forums or Discord server.

Joining MicroWiki, the NEUM and the Furry war (27 September 2018–January 2019)

Skye registered an account on MicroWiki on 27 September 2018 and made his first edit on 28 September. [‡ 1] Initially Skye was rarely active, and his main form of communication was through talk pages on the wiki, although he did also register an account on the forums, which he did not utilise. On the same day, Skye contacted Ashley Jaax via e-mail requesting mutual relations with the Republic of Iustus (today part of the Empire of Iustus), however, the request was denied. Skye later created the New Eiffel Union of Micronations (later retitled the Organisation of Active Micronations) on 21 November, aiming a community of smaller and newer micronations. Gaining six members by the end of the month, it had greatly expanded Skye's outreach. It had reached eleven by December, and Skye became political friends with Anthony Dickson of Hala'ib Triangle, Lahav Morris of Blue Army and Cooper Norfolk of Seybold. Skye's first impression to the wider community, however, was one of ridicule, after Skye engaged in online micronational warfare via MicroWiki talk pages with Aidan McGrath of the erstwhile Catholique Socialist Republic, after McGrath had declared war on New Eiffel because of their support of the furry fandom on 12 December.[14] The incident, dubbed the "Furry war [sic]"[15] had consisted solely of exchanges of insults and threats with each other. The incident was strongly criticised by members on MicroWiki@Discord, as well as from Norfolk, whom wrote critical remarks about the conflict in Issue #75 of Seybold Today.[14][16] Following the end of the conflict on 15 December, Skye and McGrath continued to hold opposing views, though later the two regretted the conflict and established peace after New Eiffel joined the League of Nations on 16 January 2019.

Early 2019

Skye created the now highly publicised Micronationalist of the Month award on 28 January, which has since built up a favourable legacy.[17][18] Skye was initially ridiculed upon entering MicroWiki@Discord on 7 February, particularly due to his initial unprofessionalism and the Furry war, with some members citing him as "wacky", "egotistical" and "asocial." Luxor (Karl Friedrich), noting Skye's contributions to MicroWiki, made him a patroller on 24 February, which was Skye's first form of any recognition for his editing on MicroWiki. The first foreign micronation Skye joined was the Empire of Austenasia, after he became a non-residential subject on 14 March after founding the Austenasian Territory of Green Gate, which he administers as its Governor as Lord Zabëlle Skye, Baron of Green Gate. Luxor created the website MicroWikiDictionary after it was suggested by Skye on 7 April, and Skye later founded the well-known Microcode et al on 16 April.[19] On 19 April, Skye became subject to the meme "@New Eiffel Government", which involves users pinging ("@ing") his Discord account on MicroWiki@Discord.[20]

Rise in popularity (May—December 2019)

Throughout May and June, Skye gradually became a popular and ubiquitous figure on MicroWiki@Discord, sending at one point over 4,200 messages per month, and also joined various micronations and became active in intermicronational governments, particularly ones in the Discord community, such as the Aspen Empire, Zuhan Empire and Grand Republic of Cycoldia. Between June and July, Skye worked on numerous MicroWiki projects; he ran free micronational advertisements on his userpage between 10 June—20 July, ran the 2019 installation of the annual Make the Edit! game between 3–16 July[‡ 2] and created the MicroWiki Mentions Chart! on 16 July, a weekly list which features the micronation which had the highest number of mentions on MicroWiki@Discord of that week. Skye took a break from MicroWiki due to what he cited as "personal reasons" involving his family life between 16 August until his return on 2 September. On 27 September, Skye celebrated what he called his one year "Microversary", celebrating his first anniversary on MicroWiki.[‡ 3] A tongue-in-cheek relationship between Ian "Duck" (also known as Flames) and Skye began to flourish in early October. The two later held a comical matrimonial ceremony on a Discord server on 23 October. It was jokingly advertised as the greatest and "largest micronational wedding" ever.[21] They later renewed wedding vows on 27 December. On 5 November, Skye attempted to create MicroGuiness Book, a micronational version of Guinness World Records. The name was stolen directly from Daniel Lee, from an idea stolen from Nicholas Randouler. The idea never took off, however, and was abandoned a day after its creation as most records could not be easily verified.[‡ 4] On 25 December, Skye, alongside Leon Montan and Anna Telford, founded the elite, invitation-only social club and organisation TOES.

Peak (January—June 2020)

For New Year Honours, Skye was made a Member of the Iustian Order of Ongwanada for his "diplomatic friendship"[22] and the Millanian Most Glorious Order of Millanian Excellence for "outstanding service to the community."[23] Notably, Skye also made the first edit on MicroWiki for the year 2020 (in UTC, the server for MicroWiki's time zone).[24] On 28 January, Skye announced he had begun writing his first book The Micronation Index: A Book About Micronationalism. Between 28 January—5 February, Skye participated in the Grand Theft Auto V affair, a sarcastic conflict between various members on a MicroWiki talk page.[25] Skye became a wiki administrator on MicroWiki on 2 February,[26] and shortly after was voted Dime's Micronationalist of the Month for February 2020, winning with a total of nine votes ahead of three other nominees. Skye became a recipient of the Ebenthali Order of the Silver Cat on 10 February. Throughout March–April, Skye ran in various elections and gained over eighteen different offices in intermicronational organisations and micronations; Skye also began expanding his legal knowledge. Skye was the head organiser of the Twenty-four Hour MicroWiki Edit-a-thon held between 17–18 April. Skye made over 250 edits during the edit-a-thon, up from his average daily edits of 45. Believed to have been the first-ever edit-a-thon on MicroWiki, it was, however, poorly organised and inadequately run. On 1 May, Skye was made an administrator on MicroWiki@Discord. Throughout June–July, Skye began becoming more active on TOES and the GUM and Misberian Discord servers, as well as other third-party micronational chat servers, somewhat leaving MicroWiki@Discord and the Abelden server. He cited his inactivity from MicroWiki@Discord as being due to the unprofessionalism, while leaving Essexia and Abelden after alleged continuous civil unrest and controversies. Skye ran the 2020 Make the Edit! game between 8–18 June. Skye became a Recipient of the Malinovian Order of the Malinovian Sun on 9 June, and was later made a high member of the Order of the Amphisbaena Potato, the highest honour in New Eiffel, on 23 June for "micronational fun". Between 30 June—5 July, Skye participated in the satirical TOES-Almendria War by working as a spy for TOES, until he was found out after an alleged information leak within TOES took place.

Hiatus and focus on editing (July—January 2021)

Skye had been planning on slowly leaving the wider MicroWiki community since March, due to prioritising his education and § mental health. Skye had by choice began spending a lot less time on MicroWiki@Discord to pursue other endeavours. Skye went on to suffer a large defeat as Jayden Lycon's running mate in the June 2020 Grand Unified Micronational election, and his term as Secretary for Micronational Development ended on 4 July.[27] Skye became a Recipient of the Ünic Grand Order of Dancing Wolves on 3 July for his political work in Ünie. Skye optionally allowed the Ministry of Health and Safety in New Eiffel to be dissolved on 8 July and announced on 15 July that he would be leaving Abelden, citing this as being due to his lack of attention he had given Abelden, calling it insufficient.[28] Skye later announced he would be further leaving more positions, however confirmed he would remain the Minister of Culture for Essexia until early 2021.[29] Skye developed the Intermicronational Time Zones Standard (ITZS) on 25 August.[30] Skye held a three-day 2nd MicroWiki anniversary event between 27–29 September.[‡ 5] Skye formally announced his break from the MicroWiki community on 29 September, citing "I do not know for how long yet - could be anywhere between a few months and even a year."[31][32] Skye resigned from his position as the leader of the Shrek Super Party of Essexia on 10 October.[33] Skye is currently on a hiatus from MicroWiki and plans to return on 1 March 2021.

Short Return

Unexpectedly on Sunday of the 24 of January 2021, Zabëlle rejoined the Microwiki@Discord Server for a short period of time without warning, delaying his 1 of March return date, surprising the Microwiki@Discord community. He later left on the 1 of March.

Political career

Skye has taken on federal, judicial, ministerial, public sector, and local work, running in numerous elections or by being directly appointed. In a career spanning more than two years, Skye's party memberships heads from far-left to far-right positions, as well as satirical.

Skye is a Deputy President of Ponderosa Hills following an after-election agreement, and is the Governor of the Austenasian territory of Green Gate. Skye served as Minister of Defence and later Minister of Education and Labour in Somcow in 2019, Minister of Health and Safety in New Eiffel between 12 February 2019 – 8 July 2020, Minister of Culture in Essexia between 3 March–10 October 2020, Minister of Orthography for Morgannwg in Abelden between 9 March—30 September 2020, and Posafian Premier of Nievenorte between 16 May—1 October 2020. Judicially, Skye was the Attorney General for the Sixth Renwick Cabinet in Abelden between 1 April 2020 until 29 June, after losing his seat to Brandon Wu of Liberty Front, and served as the Supreme Judge of the Principality of Oceania between 27 May–30 September 2020. Skye presently leads the Social Democratic Party of Mahuset and the Shrek Super Party of Naveria, and was formerly an MP in the Aspen Empire and the later Kingdom of Appalachia, Hala'ib Triangle, Caddia, Mercia, Ünie, Yu-Xia and Misberia.

Intermicronational organisations

A vocal supporter of intermicronational organisations, Skye was the founder and Chair of the New Eiffel Union of Micronations (later retitled the Organisation of Active Micronations, a name taken from a major micronational organisation that was active from 2009 to 2011) between 21 November 2018–May 2019, overeating thirty-three member states, and the Christian Micronational Union between 4 September 2019 – 2 March 2020. Skye has been the Superior Judge and Notary General of the Cupertino Alliance since 25 March and 5 April 2020 respectively. Skye also participated in the Cupertino Alliance's 69 Hour Session held between 14 March—17 March 2020,[34] and his proposed anthem "THE UNITED MICRANATIONS is better", a song he made following a young inexperienced micronationalist jokingly mocking the GUM, became one of the two national anthems of the CA on 20 March, "having higher precedence", meaning that it gets to be played first.[35][h] This was repealed after the passing of the Anthem Act in early June 2020.

Grand Unified Micronational

Skye served as the Secretary for Micronational Development between 11 January–4 July 2020, Ad-Interim Press Secretary from 1 February–30 March 2020, and was a Lobby Moderator for the GUM Discord server between 28 March–6 October 2020. Skye has been New Eiffel's primary delegate after New Eiffel was previously accepted as a provisional member on 28 April 2019. It became a full member after the Quorum of Delegates convened and voted on 21 May. Skye has served as the Delegate for New Eiffel under four Chairs; Adam I, Emperor of Adammia, Bradley of Dullahan, Thomas I of Hrafnarfjall and Newton von Uberquie. Skye created the Help Joining the GUM organisation on 26 July 2019, and during a Quorum session in a measure which in effect consists of recognition and endorsement from the parent organisation, the project was renamed the Grand Unified Micronational Development Initiative. Skye later unsuccessfully ran as Jayden Lycon's running mate in the June 2020 election, losing with a low 12.9% of the vote. Skye also participated in the 2020 edition of the 24 Hour Quorum.


Skye was the Vice-President of Sanctioned Events for the Micronational Olympic Federation between 17 October 2019 – 30 September 2020, overseeing the 2020 MOF Rock Paper Scissors Tournament, President of the Assembly for the Plush Nation Cooperation Union, between August 2019 until the organisation went inactive due to Cristi's original disappearance, and among the former mentioned, served as the delegate for New Eiffel to the League of Professional Nations, North Atlantic Defense Union, Commonwealth of Sovereignties and the Asia-Pacific Alliance.

Shrek Super Party

Skye is the founder of a chain of various satirical political parties named after the video game Shrek Super Party. These include the Essexian, Misberian, and Ponderosan Hills branches (with the Ponderosa Hills branch being a partnership with Jayden Lycon). The bloc is usually a third party within domestic politics, however, gained a minority government in the May 2020 Ponderosan Hills general election.

The bloc declined in late 2020, with the loss of their only seat in the Parliament of Essexia, and the renaming of the Ponderosan Hills branch to the Federalist Party, named after their support of a federal government.

MicroWiki editing

Skye began editing MicroWiki on 28 September 2018, a day after he registered an account.[37] As of October 2020, Skye had made over thirty-three thousand edits to MicroWiki—making him responsible for five percent of all edits on the site—and created over three thousand pages,[38] more than any other editor on MicroWiki. He surpassed editor John I of Baustralia for most edits on 7 November 2019. Skye was one of the most active editors,[‡ 6] and by his second anniversary, Skye had made an average of 45.06 edits to MicroWiki every day. Skye became an administrator on MicroWiki on 2 February 2020,[39] being promoted from a patroller which he became on 24 February 2019. Furthermore, the most edits Skye made in a day was 728 on 7 November 2019,[40] he has authored five "good articles",[41]—articles which are determined by MicroWiki's editors as the best articles on the site—uploaded over six-hundred files,[42] and has blocked over fifty users,[43] and, according to his user page, claims to have spent more than a thousand hours on MicroWiki.[37]

Skye made his hundredth edit on 26 November 2018, thousandth edit on 9 January 2019, ten thousandth edit on 7 June 2019, twenty thousandth edit on 5 December 2019, and thirty thousandth edit on 3 July 2020.[37][‡ 7]

Statistic-Dime and surveys

Surveys by or partially involving Skye
by respondents

Skye is the founder of Statistic-Dime—which was formed in 2019 by the merger of Statistic-Fire and DIME—and served as its CEO between October 2019–December 2020.[45][46] Statistic-Dime was the de facto national statistical office of New Eiffel. Notable projects include the highly publicised Micronationalist of the Month and Micronationalist of the Year awards, the positively received annual LGBT Rights Index, Microcode, the largest two-letter code standard in the MicroWiki Sector, Project Micronation, one of the most extensive micronational mapping projects, and the Intermicronational Time Zones Standard, the largest time zone standard within micronationalism.[47] Skye also created the Micronational Macronation Index and Micronational Leaders Index in early 2019. In October 2019, Skye aided Ives Blackwood in creating the micronational compass. Skye also worked on a peace index, democracy index, and tourism index, though they were all later cancelled.


Skye conducts an LGBTQ+ rights survey annually. The first was in August 2019, and the second in May 2020; the survey received 26 and 34 respondents respectively, and both were received positively.[48] Skye began by conducting the controversial Micronational Popularity Index between 22 January—12 March 2019, which although it had a record high 44 respondents, suffered from a lack of advertising, unorganised scheduling, limited responses and was conducted via talk pages on MicroWiki. Owing to the confluence of these problems, the survey was completed and tabulated two months behind schedule to much popular criticism. After a two-month hiatus, Skye conducted the MicroWiki Editors Survey between 29 June—1 July, with questions concerning people who edit MicroWiki. The survey had 29 respondents.[49] Skye conducted New Eiffel's first and so far only census on 6 July.[7] Skye conducted the MicroWiki General Survey, his last survey for 2019, between the 9 November—11 November, which had 34 respondents. The survey found ten questions, some relating to communication methods, such as "Do you use the MicroWiki forums?", approval or disapproval of the Grand Unified Micronational, and micronational warfare. The survey was reportedly successful and found interesting results. Skye went on to co-host the controversial 19th MicroWiki Influence Survey in January 2020.[50] Between 1–4 March 2020, Skye and Jayden Lycon held the Dime-Curio Micronational Organisation Poll, which asked participants to rank intermicronational organisations. It was met with moderate criticism.[51] Skye later conducted the GUM Member States Positivity Survey between 7–8 July and again during 9–10 July, which had 20 than 40 respondents respectively.[52][53] Skye's last survey of 2020 was the 2020 edition of the MicroWiki General Survey, and with 63 respondents, it was his largest and most successful survey.


Due to legal restrictions, the subject of this section's name as been redacted, removed or changed where relevant.

From late 2016 onwards, Skye began taking an interest in producing music, and first produced several EDM, house and dubstep songs under the stage-name "DJ Zeddy".[54][55] More recently, Skye has moved to the experimental and avant-garde music genres, as well as comical. Three albums have been released thus far, comprising twenty-four songs in total, with three more albums having been announced. Skye has also released five non-album singles, "Thunder", featuring vocals by Janus Skye, "Explosive", his signature song "GUM DIS TRACK", a tongue-in-cheek diss track on contraGUMism, micronational warfare and "YAMOs", FPYFF, a satiric hip-hip diss track against the rappers [redacted] and Leon Montan under stage name "yung foot fetish", and a single titled a Zero-width joiner, making the name " " ( ); the song consists solely of 3 minutes and 57 seconds of silence. Skye sang a comedic cover of Gloria Gaynor's hit song "I Will Survive" for the 2019 Junior Microvision Song Contest, however, it was later cancelled.[56] Skye also wrote two anthems for New Eiffel, "Friendly, New Eiffel" and "Stand tall, New Eiffel".



Album singles

Compilation albums

Other recordings

Music videos

Other ventures

The successful 2019 Micronational Rock Paper Scissors Tournament, which Skye hosted

Journalism and writing

Skye is a prolific journalist. Skye is the co-founder alongside Jayden Lycon of DIME Magazine, and currently writes for the Ponderosan News Agency,[58] and MicroWeekly.[59] Skye also wrote fifteen articles for New Eiffel News between 6 October—9 October 2018,[60] four articles for The New Eiffel Times between 25 March—6 July 2019,[61] three articles for Journal en Eiffel between 12–15 August 2020,[62] one article for OAM News, Australis Times[63] and Orblian Observer[64] and was employed by The Bannerman Online[65] for which he wrote two articles between 18 March 2019[66] until 16 April 2019.[67] He quit on the grounds of his tardiness and incompetence. In the middle of 2020, Skye was made a Contributor for Messenger on 19 May,[68][better source needed] and was also employed at the Amerston Post[citation needed] and Net News[citation needed], though never wrote nor contributed any news articles. Skye ran the moderately successful satirical The Apple News from 9–23 January 2020, and oversaw 9 articles published in English.[‡ 8] It had four writers and was translated into three languages, English, Czech (7 articles)[69] and Afrikaans (1 article).[70] Skye was acting as Ad-Interim Press Secretary for the Grand Unified Micronational while Emperor Adam I focused on finishing his degree, and wrote nine articles on the Quorum minutes between 1 February until 30 March. Furthermore, Skye was also responsible for I stole this. fun facts!, a series of daily posts of mostly trivia made to the Yellow Bear Micronational-3 (YBM-3 or ybm-3) channel on the MicroWiki@Discord Discord server between 2 December 2019 until 30 May 2020. On 28 January, Skye began writing his first book The Micronation Index: A Book About Micronationalism, although he had previously written a large number of shorts and poems prior, particularly ones featuring Hardy the Fox. Skye has also coined the phrases "domain hack"[71] and "New Year's Micronation".


Skye frequently plays the New Eiffelic sport Rugbull. Skye joined the Micronational Chess League on 7 February 2019.[72] Skye held the 2019 Micronational Rock Paper Scissors Tournament between 29 July—5 August 2019, which saw sixteen nations compete; due to its success, Skye was later made the Vice-President of Sanctioned Events of the Micronational Olympic Federation, which he served between 17 October 2019—30 September 2020, overseeing the 2020 MOF Rock Paper Scissors Tournament. Furthermore, Skye competed for New Eiffel in the 2020 MOF Games, where he won silver in Agar.io.[73]


Skye is the CEO of numerous companies, with varying industries, including Win-a-lot Casino, a pop-up casino which appears in New Leeds annually,[74] and the luxury fashion company and brand Zínt,[75][76] which has no directly operated stores, and sells shoes, bags, shirts and other non-clothing items, such as a wooden stand.[77] Zínt released the Practical Shoe Line on 3 March 2020, which consists of five shoes, all designed by Skye.

Public profile

Influence and public opinion

Skye has often been cited as being one of the most influential micronationalists in the "New Guard", and has been recognised throughout the history of the MicroWiki community during the Discord Era.[78] Emiel Hardy, writing for Courant van Lazia, called Skye "film-obsessed," "colourful," "hard-working" and a combination of "creative and funny." In the MicroWiki General Survey conducted between 9–11 November 2019, a question asking people to fill in checkboxes from a list of eight MicroWiki micronationalists for which they had heard of Skye was tied alongside Jonathan I of Austenasia for the most with 91.2% out of 34 respondents. For the May 2020 New Eiffelic general election, a question asking respondents "What are your views regarding Prince Zabëlle I?" asked respondents to rank him between the numbers 1–10, 1 being bad and 10 being good. 9 respondents gave a 10, and 1 respondent each gave 9, 8, 6, and a 1.[79] Skye came fourth out of twenty-five on the MicroWiki's Top 25 survey conducted in October 2020 by Roscoe Statistics. The survey had twenty-nine respondents.[80] On MicroWiki@Discord, Skye has sent over 64,000 messages since he first joined in February 2019.[81] Alongside the @New Eiffel Government and Zedposting memes, Skye is also known for constantly having his status show "offline" even when he is not, and is also known for his comedic catchphrase "smh my head." Skye was a member of five invitation-only social clubs, and joined the Micropolitan Club and Lounge on 18 August 2019, and is also a former member of Drunkiz Gadurō, Microfurs and is a co-founder of The Fun Gang and TOES.

In the press

Skye has been the subject of or mentioned in a number of news articles from various sources, including The Abeldane (formerly L'Sydunche), Austenasian Times, Brookside Gazette, Charlington Press, The Essexian Post, Home-made Crown Journal, Orblian Observer, Plushunian News Service and Seybold Today. He was also mentioned in his self-authored articles on Journal en Eiffel, New Eiffel News and the Ponderosan News Agency. Skye's CV was posted on Courant van Lazia and his short education autobiography on The New Eiffel Times, which was revised by Emily Gréz. Micronational Gazette published on opinion article on Skye.


In an opinion piece on Skye for the Micronational Gazette written by Isaiah David, David, whom he called him one of the most well-respected micronationalists, argued that Skye's large number of positions he held at one time was consequences for his overall participation and activity, citing; "Yet he was inactive in his position of Global Councilor in Yu-Xia. I recall him not making or even voting on most bills proposed to Global Council. I think he should not have taken the position if he was not going to be very active in it." He also recalled he had barely seen Skye post messages in Yu-Xia's Discord server.

Popular culture

In late-2019, he was the subject of the MicroWiki meme "Zedface". In February 2020, he was the subject of the "Zedposting" meme. Zedposting includes posting random text, memes, and images relating to Skye. Multiple forms of Zedposting include "Zedtv", an image of Zed wearing a cardboard computer mask, and "Zedism" a comical religion based around Zedtv. The popular MicroWiki meme "@New Eiffel Government" includes users pinging ("@ing") Skye's Discord account on MicroWiki@Discord.[82] It later became a chain on the server and had its own channel created from its popularity.[82] The channel reached its ten-thousandth ping in September 2020. Skye is the subject of the fiction The NHS is at its Best,[83] and is also mentioned in the Testaments of Bob[84] and Ivan of Brienia's MICROHUNGER MICROGAMES: MICRONO MICROESCAPE[85] and its sequel MICROHUNGER MICROGAMES: MICROTHRUTH MICROREVEAL.[86]

Accolades and honours

There have been numerous micronational streets and roads named after Skye, as well as a hill in Bartonia. Skye was nominated for Dime Magazine's Micronationalist of the Year for 2019, coming close-second with eight votes to Emperor Adam's nine. Skye was selected as Dime's "Micronationalist of the Month" for February 2020, after having previously been nominated for March and August 2019,[87] and was also ranked fourth of ten by Nicholas Randouler in his Monthly MicroWiki Micronationalists Power Index for May 2020. Furthermore, Skye placed himself fourth on the "MicroWiki's 25 Most Influential" list for 2020 in December.

Skye has won several awards for the annual ZSR Awards in the erstwhile New Eiffel; in 2019, he won Best Picture for Epic Action Movie and Best Editing for Dimensions: Choices. In 2020, he won Best Acting as Edward London II in India Man!, also being nominated for the award as Gregory Hutts in Insaniam, and won Best Editing for Big Fluffy Socks for the Winter Golem.[88]

Titles, styles, and honours


  • 14 March 2019 – present: Lord Zabëlle Skye, Baron of Green Gate
  • 24 October 2019 – 8 November 2020: His Excellency Zabëlle Skye, Ambassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • 8 November 2020 – 9 May 2021: His Excellency Rifleman Zabëlle Skye, Ambassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • 9 May 2021 – present: His Excellency Corporal Zabëlle Skye, Ambassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland



Iustus Iustus
  • 1 January 2020 – present: Member of the Order of Ongwanada; "for diplomatic friendship"[22]
Misberia Misberia
  • 16 June 2020 — present: Knight of the Noble and Sovereign Order of Machias
  • 16 October 2020 — present: Knight Commander of the Order of the Gryphon KHC; "for services to micronationalism"
  • 1 January 2021 — present: Gold-Class Recipient of the Order of the Greyhound OGG[89]
  • 1 January 2021 – present: Member of the Order of the Grand Duke MGD; "for personal friendship with the Duke"[89]
  • 6 November 2022 – present: Member of the Most Excellent Royal Vishwamitran Order of Merit MMV; "for extraordinary contributions towards strengthening bilateral relations and promoting friendship between Vishwamitra and Austenasia and for personal services to the Rashtradhyaksh"[90]
 Penn Federal Republic


 New Eiffel
 Socialist United Republic of Ünie
  • 3 July 2020 — 16 January 2021: Recipient of the Grand Order of Dancing Wolves WOL; "for political work in Ünie". (order dissolved)

Former titles

 New Eiffel
  • 11 August 2018 – 30 August 2018: His Majesty Prince Zabëlle I of New Temporary
  • 30 August 2018 – 20 June 2020: His Majesty Prince Zabëlle I of New Eiffel
  • 28 February 2019 – 23 June 2020: Grand Peacefur
  • 20 June 2020 — 1 November 2020: Zabëlle Skye, Duke of Hsed
 Islands of Omaha[91]
  • 8 December 2018 – 29 January 2020: Head of state of the Islands of Omaha

Memberships and appointments

Full style

Skye's former shortened title before abdication was:

"His Majesty Prince Zabëlle the First of the Principality of New Eiffel, Grand Peacefur"[92]

While Skye had no officially accepted full title, if he did use one it would probably have been:

"His Majesty Prince Zabëlle the First of the Principality of New Eiffel, Grand Peacefur, Lord of Essexia, Baron of Ünie, Baron of Green Gate, Baron of Abelden, Sovereign of the Order of the Beaver, Sovereign of the Order of the Lion, Sovereign of the Most Excellent Order of the Amphisbaena Potato, Officer of the Order of Christina I, Officer of the Order of the Campatriots of Prestige, Officer of the Austenasian Order, Member of the Order of Ongwanada, Member of the Most Glorious Order of Millanian Excellence, Recipient of the Order of the Silver Cat"

See also

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  1. On 20 April, Janus Smith was removed from his position through a motion of no confidence. After short discussions, Christina Nowell became the interim Prime Minister, due to her being the nation's Leader of the Opposition. Nowell was removed through a motion of no confidence, and Parliament voted to temporarily make Zabëlle I an absolute monarch.
  2. Nowell later served a second term during Janus I's reign.
  3. According to some records, the claim was dropped on 2 March 2018, and Skye's residence in the U.K. had been a territory of New Finland for a month prior.
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  5. Probably between 10–21 June.
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