MOF Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

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The MOF Micronational Rock Paper Scissors Tournament is an annual rock–paper–scissors tournament hosted by the Micronational Olympic Federation. The tournament is planned by the Vice-President of Sanctioned Events (currently Zabëlle Skye) and hosted by the MOF member state who wins the official bid to host it.

It was formally known as the Micronational Rock Paper Scissors Tournament, which due to its success Smith was made the Vice-President of Sanctioned Events in the MOF, which is what he later decided to rebrand the tournament into. The first tournament in 2019 was OAM branded (although non-OAM member states where allowed to attend) and hosted by the Principality of New Eiffel between 29 July – 5 August 2019. The second and first MOF tournament was hosted between 1 June — 8 June 2020 by the Fifth Aenderian Republic after they had won the bid to host it, however the final matches were cancelled in respect of the death of Nicholas Randouler. Nevertheless, both games have so far been considered a huge success.


Each competing micronation picks a representative who will play the games. The tournament is played online through the website


New Eiffel 2019

Aenderia 2020

First games that were sanctioned by the MOF.