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If Z. Luna Skye was so good, why isn’t there a Z. Luna Skye 2?! Well, NOW there is! This is the OFFICIAL[Citation not needed] sequel to Z. Luna Skye! So far, it has been praised on IMDb with a 8.9/10 from 32,394 reviews[1], and it has 99% on rotten tomatoes(TM).


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Z. Luna Skye was a dIrect-to-DVD film released on 27 September 2018, but only grossed around 20 edits or something.

Z. Luna Skye quickly started gaining more edits, and managed to gross 1,300 edits in December alone[citation needed]. As of 6 April 2019, it has grossed over 6,100 edits, making it the 8th highest grossing film of all time.[2].


It is known that Cameron I has been selling illegal copies of Z. Luna Skye 2 to his governmental members. This has caused a stir of drama.

Harmony South Has also pirated Cameron I's pirated copies and solded them too. An estimated 15 people have purchased a copy. Despacito

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