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Plush toy participants of the Congress of Salisse, in the plush toy micronation of Sabia and Verona.

A plush toy micronation, also known as a plush nation, is a micronation that claims that one or several non-sentient plush toys has had a role in micronational society or culture, or that grants citizenship to plush toys.[1] Notable examples include Sabia and Verona and Juclandia, both influential nations in the micronational community with functioning governments. Many plush toy micronations have full histories that they claim plush toys or other types of toys have taken part in. While many micronations grant citizenship to plush toys, few have plush toy heads of state or government, and some have different classes of citizenship to separate plush toys from human citizens.

Plush toys are highly integrated into the cultures of many of the nations which grant citizenship to them. In Sabia and Verona, plush toys dominate the population, making up about 80% of Sabia and Verona's 130 citizens. Sabia and Verona is one of the plush toy micronations to have full rights for plush citizens, including the recognition of the "ability [of plush toys] to make conscious decisions on a personal and social level", and to have a plush toy head of government. Other influential plush toy micronations do not have plush toy heads of government, and many do not have plush toy heads of state, including Sabia and Verona.

The oldest known plush toy micronation is Juclandia, and has influenced many other existing plush toy micronations, some of which were former Juclandian territories. Many micronations have also granted citizenship to plush toys in the early months after their establishment and later revoked citizenship, such as the Democratic Republic of Benjastan.

List of plush toy micronations

Flag Name Plush toy

head of state

Plush toy

head of


Number of plush toy citizens
Flag of Sabia and Verona.png Kingdom of Sabia and Verona No Yes 104[a]
PlushuniaFlag2.png Plushunia No Yes ~287
Juclandia-flag.png Juclandia No No No data
Former plush toy micronations
Dominion of Aenopia.jpg Dominion of Aenopia No No 46
National Flag Of Benjastan - Secondary Size.png Democratic Republic of Benjastan No No No data
Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 12.56.04 PM.png Islamic Republic of Frieden No No No data
Flag of Shaoshan.jpg Republic of Shaoshan Yes Yes No data

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  1. Sabian and Veronese Government figures place the number of citizens at around 80% of the population, which at current population levels would be exactly 104 citizens.


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