Kingdom of Wolfyland

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Kingdom of Wolfyland
Královstvo Vlšiska (Wolfish)
Vlčiské království (Czech)
Flag of Kingdom of Wolfyland
Coat of arms of Kingdom of Wolfyland
Coat of arms
Motto: Noše volká rodina (Wolfish)
"Our big family"
Map of Wolfish territories in the South Moravian Region
Map of Wolfish territories in the South Moravian Region
LocationSouth Moravia, Czechia
and largest territory
Main Wolfyland
Official languagesWolfish, Czech
Ethnic groups
Demonym(s)Wolfish, Wolfin
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• King
Wolfy Plushy
• Viceking
• Chancellor
• Formation
• Current form
28 May 2023
• Total
0.000203 km2 (7.8×10−5 sq mi)
• 2024 census
• Density
438,400/km2 (1,135,450.8/sq mi)
GDP (PPP)2023 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
HDI (2024) 0.882
very high
CurrencyWolfish Koruna (KV)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
• Summer (DST)
Calling code+420
Internet TLD.wl (not in use)

Wolfyland (Wolfish: Vlšisko, Czech: Vlčisko), officially the Kingdom of Wolfyland (Wolfish: Královstvo Vlšiska, Czech: Vlčiské království), is a micronation in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic. Wolfyland was formed sometime in mid-2018. The micronation is primarily located and has the government seat in the Main Wolfyland territory in the Královo Pole district of Brno, but also has territories in Brno-center, Bučovice and Rychtářov. What makes Wolfyland unique among most other micronations is that it recognizes plushies and toys as citizens alongside humans.

Wolfyland is a unitary constitutional monarchy. It's total size across all of it's territories is only 203 square meters. The calculated HDI as of 2024 is 0.882, which makes Wolfyland a very highly developed state, less developed than the Czech Republic but more developed than Latvia. Wolfyland has diplomatic relations with 5 micronations and since 8 December 2023 is an observer state of the Union of Micronations of Central Europe.


Wolfyland is named after wolfies, a fictional wolf-like species that are also national animals. The Wolfish name is Vlšisko and the Czech name is Vlčisko.

The official name is Kingdom of Wolfyland, or Královstvo Vlšiska and Vlčiské Království in Wolfish and Czech respectively.


Early era

The exact day of the formation of Wolfyland is unknown, but it was founded sometime around mid-2018. In the year 2019 or 2020 joined Wolfyland-Kunovice (Czech: Vlčisko-Kunovice), but at the end of July 2021 was dissolved. In August 2022 joined the territory Bušoviské Vlšisko (Czech: Bučovické Vlčisko) and later in December 2022 the territory of Jožkovské Vlšisko (Czech: Ježkovské Vlčisko).

Modern era

Wolfyland annexed the territory of Rykhtórovské Vlšisko (Czech: Rychtářovské Vlčisko) in May 2023, making it the newest Wolfish territory. In June, the Czech MicroWiki article for Wolfyland was created. On 20 September, Wolfyland began diplomacy with the Northern federative republic (now the Northern Empire), a micronation in the Ústí nad Labem region of the Czech Republic. On 25 September, the territories of Bušoviské Vlšisko, Jožkovské Vlšisko and Rykhtórovské Vlšisko were renamed to Wolfish Bučovice, Wolfish Lair and Wolfish Rychtářov respectively. On 1 October, Wolfyland joined the Alliance of Micronational Unity (AMU), which broke up two weeks later. On 20 November, Wolfyland began diplomacy with the Ponosian Republic (now Sivland), and also joined it's alliance against the Unitaz Empire. On 5 December, Wolfyland began diplomacy with Cetlandria. On 11 December 2023, a new town named Irontown was built in Main Wolfyland. On December 27, almost all plushies in Main Wolfyland were evacuated to the government seat room due to threats of their exile from the apartment's owner. On 2 January 2024, the 2024 Wolfish Census began. On 10 January at night, the area surrounding Wolfish Rychtářov recorded a temperature of -13 °C, the lowest in the country's modern era. On 12 January, Wolfyland stopped recognizing the Northern Empire's claim on Roudnice nad labem. On 20 January, the results of the 2024 Wolfish Census were released, showing that the population of Wolfyland is 89, the highest in the micronation's history. On 17 February, Wolfyland became a member of the United Micronations, an organization founded by Sivland. On 18 February, Wolfyland began diplomacy with the Catusistic Principality of Catland. On 26 February, all territories had their land area measured, showing that Wolfyland has a land area of 203 square meters.


Wolfyland is an enclave of the Czech Republic, and all territories are located in the South Moravian Region in and around Brno. The average height is 300 m above sea level.


As Wolfyland itself is only located inside buildings, it mostly has a temperature hovering around 25 °C, however the areas around it have an oceanic climate (Cfb). The lowest temperature around Wolfyland in it's modern era is -13 °C, while the highest is around 30°C.


Wolfyland is a constitutional monarchy. The King (král) is Wolfy Plushy since the founding of the micronation, and the Viceking (Wolfish: Vojskrál, Czech: Vicekrál) is Pikosolot, who acts as the king's deputy. The chancellor of Wolfyland is Marek V. (known online as GreenWolfyVillager) since 30 October 2023.

Administrative divisions

Wolfyland is made up of 4 territories (Wolfish: toritoria, Czech: teritoria), 2 of which are located in the city of Brno. The only currently dissolved territory is Wolfyland-Kunovice, which had about 25 inhabitants before it was dissolved.

Territory Wolfish name Population Area Density
Main Wolfyland Hlovní Vlšisko 45 66 m² 0.74/m²
Wolfish Bučovice Vlšiské Bušovise 38 100 m² 0.38/m²
Wolfish Lair Vlšiské Doupǒ 2 4,5 m² 0.44/m²
Wolfish Rychtářov Vlšiský Rykhtórov 0 32.5 m² 0/m²


Wolfyland has diplomatic relations with 5 other micronations, only 1 of which is located outside the Czech Republic.

Micronation Date Agreement
Northern Empire [cs] 20 September 2023 Mutual recognition
Sivland 20 November 2023 Mutual recognition and membership in the Union for the Defense of the Peoples of Micronations
Cetlandria 5 December 2023 Mutual recognition, neutrality and aid in case of an emergency

Cetlandria may have been disestablished in early April 2024, ending the diplomacy

Catland [cs] 18 February 2024 Mutual recognition, economic cooperation and peace
Nesea [cs] 3 March 2024 Mutual recognition, cooperation and peace
 Mendersia 5 March 2024 Mutual recognition, cooperation and peace
Kingdom of the North 3 April 2024 Mutual recognition, political and military cooperation

The Kingdom of the North was disestablished on 8 April 2024, ending the diplomacy.


The Wolfish military has 2 soldiers in Main Wolfyland, and approximately 3 soldiers and 2 military vehicles in Wolfish Bučovice.


Figures represent the population on January of each year.
Estimates 2018-2022, censuses 2023-2024.

As of the 2024 Wolfish census, Wolfyland has 89 inhabitants across all of it's 4 territories, up 53% from 58 in 2023. 55% of the population lives in the Main Wolfyland territory. 93% of the population is plushies and toys, with 4 humans and 2 animals making up the remaining 7%. The population density is 438,400 inhabitants per m² (19,704 people per m²) or 0.438 inhabitants per m² (0.019 people per m²).

Historical population (estimates 2019-2022)
Territory 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
Total 49 55 70 52 58 89
Main Wolfyland 40 45 45 52 45 49
Wolfyland-Kunovice 9 10 25 - -
Wolfish Bučovice - - - 11 38
Wolfish Lair - - - 2 2
Wolfish Rychtářov - - - - 0
Species Count % of population
Toys 55 61.8%
Plushies 28 31.4%
People 4 4.5%
Animals 2 2.2%


The GDP of Wolfyland was estimated at 268$ in 2023, with the GDP per capita put at around 3$, or 67$ if only humans are counted.


The official currencies are the Czech koruna (Kč) and Wolfish koruna (KV), an official currency of Wolfyland since July 1, 2023. One Wolfish koruna is approximately 0.45$.


The only one of 2 Wolfish YouTube channels that could soon become the main source of income for the state is GreenWolfyVillager123, which makes statistical ranking videos usually about YouTube channels or Roblox games. The channel is not monetized yet, but is then expected to earn around 25-50 USD for the state every month.


Even though Wolfyland's culture is very similar to that of it's macronation, the Czech Republic, it still has developed some unique traits.

Media and video games

Wolfyland has 2 YouTube channels, GreenWolfyVillager123 which is the official national channel and focuses on animated bar charts about YouTubers or other topics in English, and Nutella Man CZ, basically the already mentioned channel but in the Czech language. The Baldi's Basics mod series Wolfy's Basics is made in Wolfyland.


The national food is the Wolfish Baguette, which is basically a light baguette with sliced Hermelín cheese on top, often heated in the microwave.


The official languages are Czech and Wolfish, which is also the national language. Wolfish is almost the same as Czech, but doesn't have the letters C, Č and Ů, the letter Ǒ is added and vowels are usually replaced with the letter O, making the language have a lower tone.

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