February 2023 Austenasian local elections

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The February 2023 Austenasian local elections took place on 14 February 2023 in the Austenasian Towns of North Nahona, Valens, and Chandler. These were the first elections held in the latter two Towns, which had been represented by Acting Representatives since their creation in 2022, and saw the said Acting Representatives elected to the position proper. North Nahona, meanwhile, elected a new Representative. None of those elected had their election contested; that being the case, all three local elections had an Abstain option which, were it to have gained the majority of votes, would have forced a fresh election.

Name Number of votes Percentage of votes
North Nahona (100% turnout)
Brianna Stokely 3 75%
Abstain 1 25%
Valens (100% turnout)
The Hon. Ashley Jaax, CAO 6 100%
Abstain 0 0%
Chandler (100% turnout)
Lord Michael Colquhoun, Baron of Chandler 2 100%
Abstain 0 0%