October 2014 Austenasian local elections

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The October 2014 Austenasian local elections took place in the Empire of Austenasia on 11 October 2014. There was a turnout of 93.1%.

The subjects of the eight Austenasian Towns voted for a Representative to speak and vote on their behalf in the House of Representatives. Every one of the eight seats saw the incumbent stand as the only candidate, and all were elected.

Due to there only being one candidate standing for election in each town, voters had the option to abstain, which would have rendered an election inconclusive should it have gained more votes than the candidate. However, despite the high turnout, not one vote abstained.

Despite the previous local election having taken place less than a year ago, the number of towns in the Empire had since doubled, with Lichtenstein, Porthbokon, New Richmond and Shineshore having transitioned into or been annexed as towns. Half of those in the House of Representatives were only Acting Representatives, appointed by Parliament but not confirmed in their position by a democratic mandate from their populations. It was therefore considered appropriate that a local election be called.

Name Number of votes Percentage of votes
Wrythe (100% turnout)
HIM Emperor Jonathan I 4 100%
Abstain 0 0%
Zephyria (100% turnout)
Lord Marshal William K., Baron of Zephyria 3 100%
Abstain 0 0%
Thanasia (100% turnout)
HIH Eritoshi, Countess of Memphis 2 100%
Abstain 0 0%
Palasia (100% turnout)
Lord John Gordon, Baron of Palasia 3 100%
Abstain 0 0%
Lichtenstein (100% turnout)
Lord Charles Clarke, Duke of Grantabridge 2 100%
Abstain 0 0%
Porthbokon (100% turnout)
Lady Evren Filgert, Duchess of Dumnonia 3 100%
Abstain 0 0%
New Richmond (80% turnout)
HIH Lady Dux Vera Hewitt, Countess of Greater Richmond 8 100%
Abstain 0 0%
Shineshore (100% turnout)
Lord Centurion Evan Keller, Duke of New Virginia 2 100%
Abstain 0 0%