December 2011 Austenasian elections

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December 2011 Austenasian General Election

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Candidate HIH Crown Prince Jonathan Lord Marshal William K., Baron of Zephyria
Party Theodorist Independent
Home state Wrythe Zephyria
Popular vote 3 1
Percentage 75% 25%

Prime Minister before election

HIH Crown Prince Jonathan

Elected Prime Minister

HIH Crown Prince Jonathan

The December 2011 Austenasian elections took place on 23 December 2011. A general election took place for the office of Prime Minister of Austenasia, alongside a simultaneous local election for seats in the House of Representatives. Results were announced on 24 December, and revealed that just under half of Austenasian subjects had voted.

General election

The General Election resulted in the then Crown Prince Jonathan being re-elected as Prime Minister. The Crown Prince - who had been incumbent as Prime Minister since Austenasia's foundation - had announced his decision to stand for re-election on 8 November, and was approved as a candidate by Emperor Declan I on 11 November along with Lord Marshal William, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence.


Town Turnout HIH Crown Prince Jonathan Lord Marshal William K., Baron of Zephyria Abstain
Wrythe 100% 3 0 0
Zephyria 33.33% 0 1 0
Non-residential subjects 0% 0 0 0
Total 40% 3 1 0

Local election

Emperor Declan I decreed on 2 December that a local election would take place alongside the upcoming general election. Crown Prince Jonathan, the incumbent Representative of Wrythe, announced his decision to stand later that day. His sister the then Princess Caroline announced the following day that she would also stand - the first time that she had run for political office, and the first time that the Crown Prince faced opposition in a local election. Lord Marshal William announced that he would run for the office of Representative of Zephyria a few hours before Princess Caroline's announcement. Princess Caroline was elected Representative of Wrythe, and Lord Marshal William was elected Representative of Zephyria. The results were rather surprising, as only one person in the whole of Zephyria had actually voted, and Crown Prince Jonathan had received no votes for Representative of Wrythe (possibly as a result of the December Confession).


Name Political views Number of votes Percentage of votes
Wrythe (100% turnout)
HIH Crown Prince Jonathan Social liberal monarchist 0 0%
HIH Princess Caroline Conservative liberal 2 66.66%
Abstain N/A 1 33.33%
Zephyria (33.33% turnout)
Lord Marshal William K., Baron of Zephyria Conservative militarist 1 100%
Abstain N/A 0 0%