August 2016 Ionathanopolis local election

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The August 2016 Ionathanopolis local election took place on 5 August 2016, and was the first local election in the history of the Empire of Austenasia to only take place in a single one of the Empire's towns, this having been provided for in the August 2015 constitutional amendments. The election was to elect a Representative for Ionathanopolis to speak and vote on their behalf in the House of Representatives.

A single candidate - Lord Peter Palaiologos, Count of Mentavlos, the Acting Representative - stood for election, and was elected with 100% of the vote.

All three residents of Ionathanopolis eligible to vote - two of its five residents being under sixteen years old - voted. Voters had the option to abstain, which renders an election inconclusive should it gain more votes than the candidate.

Name Number of votes Percentage of votes
Ionathanopolis (100% turnout)
Lord Peter Palaiologos, Count of Mentavlos 3 100%
Abstain 0 0%