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Town of Austenasia
Flag of Valens
Country Empire of Austenasia
Founded1 December 2022
 • Representative (Acting)Lord Juan Aleges, Baron of Valens
 • Total6
Time zoneUTC-4

Valens was a Town of the Empire of Austenasia which consisted of an apartment building bordered by the Canadian city of Montreal. The town was annexed on 1 December 2022 after being offered to and claimed for Austenasia by its six residents. The residents lived in different properties within the building.

Valens was first represented in Parliament by by Ashley Jaax, one of its residents, who was appointed Acting Representative upon the town's annexation and elected to the position proper on 14 February 2023. Jaax resigned on 5 April, and was replaced by Lord Juan Aleges, Baron of Valens. Aleges fell out of contact with the imperial government several months later, and the town was dissolved on 21 January 2024.