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—  Crown Dependency of Austenasia  —
Established 7 March 2016 (as Territory)
6 August 2018 (as Town)
12 June 2019 (as Crown Dependency)
 - Governing Commissioner Sir Anthony Clark, KOB
 - Total 3

Amerdansk was a Crown Dependency in the Empire of Austenasia which was an enclave of the United Kingdom. Initially founded on 7 March 2016 as a Territory consisting of the garden of a Scottish residential property, Amerdansk expanded into a Town on 6 August 2018 upon the annexation of the bordering house.

Amerdansk was founded by Sir Anthony Clark, who served as its Governor while it was a Territory and served as its Representative during its period as a Town. On 12 June 2019, due contact with the then Lord Clark becoming more sporadic, Amerdansk was made a Crown Dependency and its seat in Parliament was removed; all noble titles relating to Amerdansk were removed from its inhabitants.

Sir Anthony - who administered the Crown Dependency in the name of the Monarch as Governing Commissioner - became more active in politics from late 2020 onwards, serving as Attorney General. However, in June 2023, he announced his desire to withdraw from all political positions and from the "MicroWiki community" in general. With neither of the two other residents of Amerdansk willing to succeed him, the crown dependency was dissolved on 14 September 2023 by an Act of Parliament.