Leader of the Opposition (Austenasia)

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The Leader of the Opposition was the designation granted to the parliamentary leader of the largest political party not in government in the Parliament of Austenasia, under the 2018-20 partisan system. The position was formally established by the Parliament Act 2019, and abolished by the Political Parties Act 2020.

The Leader of the Opposition had no official duties apart from coordinating the business of the Opposition in the House of Representatives.

List of Leaders of the Opposition

Number Picture Name Political Party Town Took office Left office Notes
1 Lord Dionisiy Tezdzhan-Smahin, Duke of Lycaonia Fatherland Party Theodosiopolis 3 June 2019 13 February 2020 First holder of the position under the Parliament Act 2019. Won the February 2020 general election, putting the Fatherland Party in government.
2 Lord John Gordon, Viscount of Thetford Peoples Party Palasia 13 February 2020 11 May 2020 Lost the February 2020 general election. Resigned from his position as leader of the party three months later.
3 N/A Lord Ashley Jaax, Baron of Kingeston Kingeston 11 May 2020 26 May 2020 Took over leadership of the Peoples Party upon the transition of Kingeston into a Town. The final Leader of the Opposition, with the position abolished by the Political Parties Act 2020 in response to the growth of division amongst Representatives.