People's Republic of Orientia

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People's Republic of Orientia
สาธารณรัฐประชาชนโอริเอ็นเตีย (Thai)
Anthem: Worker's Anthem of Orientia
CapitalHui City
Official languages
Ethnic groups
81% Asian
11% Mixed
6% Animal
2% White
81% Buddhism
13% Atheism
6% Christianity
GovernmentFederal Marxist-Leninist one-party semi-presidential republic
• President
Yai Khadpo
• Premier
John Doe
LegislatureNational Congress of Orientia
Independence from Thailand
• Republic created
23 January 2018
• Federation established
13 December 2019
• Socialist state proclaimed
13 April 2020
• Estimate
CurrencyRigen (ℝ)
Time zoneUTC+7
Date formatdd/mm/yy
Driving sideleft
Calling code+66

Orientia, officially the People’s Republic of Orientia was a self-declared sovereign state founded on 23 January 2018, which officially declared independence from the Kingdom of Thailand two days later. Orientia was comprised of six semi-autonomous states landlocked within the city of Bangkok, Thailand. Although founded as a multi-party unitary state, it became a federal Marxist-Leninist one-party semi-presidential republic governed by the Communist Party of Orientia, and headed by Yai Khadpo.

Orientia was a fairly developed "Fifth World" micronation, scoring 9/12 on the Boodlesmythe-Tallini System, as well as a 2.8 out of 5 on Dresner's System of Classification and a 3.6 on Freayth's System of Classification.


Early History

During the late evening of 23 January 2018, the Republic of Orientia was founded by Yai Khadpo during a vacation after watching a YouTube video on the Republic of Molossia. Two days later on January 25, Orientia officially declared independence from the Kingdom of Thailand. However, it soon fell into a state of inactivity.

Almost two years later, Orientia was re-established on 13 December 2019 by Yai Khadpo during another vacation. Orientia joined r/micronations a day later and a constitution was drafted. Khadpo joined MicroWiki@Discord on December 17, with following soon after.

Orientia joined the GUM in January 2020, and began to rapidly expand in territory. The states of New Port, Slavland, Kiwiland, Silencia, Rallas joined, as well as the special territories of Finndonia and Equality. During this time, violent protests erupted throughout Hui City, as protestors donning plastic bags headed to the streets, clashing with police officers. The period of civil unrest would begin to decline in the following months, due to the rapid militarization of the Federal Police of Orientia and the fading popularity of the plastic bag movement.

Orientia later joined the Cupertino Alliance in February 2020, and was an attendee of the 69 Hour Session. Yai Khadpo was later given the newly-formed position of Minister of Asian and Oceanian Affairs, and oversaw the development of relations between the CA and the Asia-Pacific Alliance. Dinkeaw, a part of Hui City, was annexed by the Empire of Austenasia on 4 April 2020 as an Austenasian Crown Dependency. On 13 April, 6 delegates voted unanimously to convert Orientia into a socialist state. A new flag and emblem inspired by the Soviet Union and Laos was adopted, as well as a new national anthem.

Communist Era

Multiple political parties were formed during this time, including the Workers' Party, Liberal Party, Nationalist Party and others. Rising political tensions during and after the August elections led to a military junta known as the National Council for Peace and Salvation led by micronationalist Leon Montan seizing power, beginning the 2020 Orientian political crisis. A provisional government led by Yai Khadpo actively began fighting over Orientia's seats of power and by August 28 the NCPS was dissolved. Khadpo left the micronational community in September of that year due to concerns regarding Thai lèse-majesté laws. During this time, the remnants of Orientia, namely Watta, was governed by a temporary military administration. Weeks of tension between local squirrels and the Orientian Liberation Army remnants led to the beginning of the Orientian-Squirrel Conflict on 12 February 2021.

Pun Watta rejoined the micronational community on 13 November, and snap elections were announced on 20 November, to be held on 1 December the following month. A new flag and emblem designed by Aidan McGrath was adopted through a presidential decree on 23 November 2021 in order to replace the former Soviet-styled national insignia. The next day, Frankia (formerly known as Frank) was admitted into the People’s Republic, along with 4 new citizens. A constitutional amendment led to the creation of Right Wingz, a fascist political party which would form the National People's Front alongside the Communist Party of Orientia on 10 December 2021.

On 31 March 2024, the People's Republic of Orientia was dissolved and its land ceded back to Thailand following Yai Khadpo's departure from the micronational community.

Government and politics

The People's Republic of Orientia was a federal Marxist-Leninist one-party semi-presidential republic, and ruled by the Communist Party of Orientia, the nation's dominant political party which led a coalition of smaller, independent parties. Most, if not all of Orientia's senior leaders were members of the Communist Party's politburo, its highest executive organ. Legislative elections were held once every year, on 1 January. They were held on municipal, state and national levels, and candidates were carefully chosen by party officials to appear on ballots. There were three main branches of the Orientian government:

National People's Front

The National People's Front was a large coalition of parties which formed the entirety of Orientia's political framework. These minor parties had to follow the CPO's line in most functions, and were only given a minor status within government organs.

The Communist Party of Orientia was a Marxist-Leninist political party formed on 13 November 2021 as the de facto successor to United Left, an Orientian party which existed before Pun Watta's hiatus from micronationalism. It was a polarizing organization, often praised by Orientian citizens, however some accused it of rigging elections and restricting democracy, as well as freedom of speech within the nation.

Party Emblem Party Leader Spectrum Ideology Established NCO Seats CMO Members
Communist Party Yai Khadpo Far-left Marxism-Leninism
Mao Zedong Thought
13 November 2021
6 / 6
12 / 12
Independent N/A N/A Non-aligned N/A N/A
0 / 6
0 / 12

Members of the Government

Foreign relations

Full foreign relations, treaties signed

Recognized states; no diplomatic relations

Intermicronational organizations

Administrative divisions

Orientia was comprised of 6 semi-autonomous states under the jurisdiction of the federal government. Its capital/seat of government was Hui City, which was located in Watta. Its total population peaked at 49 people, including a dog and a cat living in Kiwiland.

Major Cities

Flag Name State Annexed Population
Hui City Watta 13 November 2021 4
Krish Watta 13 November 2021 12


Flag Name Capital Annexed Population
Watta Krish 13 November 2021 18
New Port Blahblahblahtown 13 November 2021 6
Kiwiland Bedroom 13 November 2021 6
Rallas Rallas City 13 November 2021 4
Alakalez Grasstopia 14 November 2021 10
Frankia Ramton 24 November 2021 5


Ground Forces

The Orientian Ground Forces was the largest branch of the Armed Forces since its formation in 2019, and fought in the Orientian-Squirrel Conflict. Orientia's Group Forces was comprised of 3 units, namely the 1st Ranger Regiment, the 1st Cavalry Brigade,and the 1st Reconnaissance Brigade.


The Orientian Navy was comprised of two ships, the OSS Revolution and the OSS Goliath. It was planned for more ships to be bought, but this did not come to pass due to debates in the Politburo over budget constraints.



The national sport of Orientia was sandball, which was invented in the days following Orientia's revival in late 2019, during Yai Khadpo and his deputy's vacation on an island in Eastern Thailand. It involves throwing hardened balls of wet sand at contestants until they fall to the ground. The national champion of sandball was Khadpo's brother, the Vice-Governor of New Port.


The most popular genre of music in Orientia was indie, followed closely by rap and rock. Several Orientian rap artists emerged in 2020 and 2021, including Lil P, Machine Gun Pog, Piggy P No Bandit, Lil Penis and others. The majority of Orientia's musical artists were influenced by trap and British drill music.

National holidays

  • Founder's Day - 23 January
  • Plastic Bag Rememberence Day - 15 March
  • Day of the People's Revolution - 13 April
  • International Labour Day - 1 May
  • October Revolution Day - 7 November
  • Party Appreciation Day - 13 November
  • Federation Day - 13 December


Orientia's national currency was officially the rigen (ℝ), although it was not in circulation. The national GDP was estimated at a total of 15 Thai baht in November 2021. The majority of Orientia's national income was gained through LimeMaid, a state-owned company specializing in lime juice and other refreshments.

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