People's Republic of Orientia

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People's Republic of Orientia
Flag of People's Republic of Orientia
Emblem of People's Republic of Orientia
CapitalHui City
Largest cityLas Kritus
Official languagesUwUspeak
Recognised regional languagesThai
Ethnic groups55% Thai
23% Isan
22% Orientian
7% Russian
3% American
GovernmentFederal dominant-party socialist semi-presidential republic
Pun Watta
• Premier
Leon Montan
LegislaturePeople’s Congress
Independence from the Kingdom of Thailand
• Declaration of Independence
23 December 2018
• Federation established
8 October 2019
• People's Republic established
14 April 2020
• Current Constitution
16 April 2020
• Total
0.52 km2 (0.20 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• Estimate
• Density
0.00052/km2 (0.0/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)2020 estimate
• Total
$58.82 (2020)
• Per capita
$0.5882 (2019)
CurrencyOrientian Rigen (ℝ)
Time zoneGMT+7
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy;
Drives on theright

The People's Republic of Orientia (UwUspeak: Peopwe's Wepubwic of Owientia), more commonly known as Orientia (UwUspeak: Owientia), is a self-declared sovereign state or micronation located in Southeast Asia comprised of 10 states and 1 territory completely landlocked within the Kingdom of Thailand. Orientia is a federal dominant-party socialist semi-presidential republic with Pun Watta as the de jure democratically-elected President, head of government and the de facto 'dictator' of the nation, serving in his current position since the creation of the federation in October 2019. Over 100 residents live within Orientian borders, although less than 20 of them are legal citizens. The capital is Hui City, and the largest city is Las Kritus. Orientia has 2 national languages, Tinglish (a blend of Thai and English) and English. There are 2 regional languages: Thai and Isan.

Orientia was established as a republic on 23 December 2018, and was known as the Republic of Orientia. It later transitioned into an empire, then a grand republic, and then a federation, and on the 14th of April, 2020, it officially became the People's Republic of Orientia.

Orientia is a member state of the Asia-Pacific Alliance, Cupertino Alliance [2], Union of Leftist States, Micronational Olympic Federation and the Grand Unified Micronational [3][4]. Orientia’s microcode is OR.


The name of the people's republic, “Orientia” is stemmed from the word “oriental” meaning Asian, particularly East Asian[5], the sector of Asia Orientia is located in.

Official Names

  • 23 December 2018 - 15 January 2019: Republic of Orientia
  • 15 January 2019 - 8 May 2019: Empire of Orientia
  • 8 May 2019 - 8 October 2019: Grand Republic of Orientia
  • 8 October 2019 - 14 April 2020: Federation of Orientia
  • 14 April 2020 - Present: People's Republic of Orientia


Pre-Federal Era

Orientia was originally formed on the 23rd of January, 2018, during Pun Watta’s vacation in Japan. He watched a YouTube video about Molossia and decided to form a micronation based on the principles of Molossia. Although excited at first, Pun found the process of expanding a micronation boring and the country slowly fell into a period of dormancy.

Proposed flag for the Republic of Orientia

23 days after the creation of Orientia, Pun Watta decided to pull Orientia out of its dormancy and began a period of rapid expansion, claiming new land and increasing the country’s regional influence. He declared himself the Emperor of Orientia, crowning himself on the 15th of January. The Orientian Defense Forces were established and the country’s population grew to 7 people. Later though, Pun Watta became inactive in the building of Orientia, and slowly forgot about the micronation. Not much is known after, other than the fact that Emperor Pun I abdicated from his throne.

This period of time was filled with a lot of inactivity. This all changed however on the 8th of October, 2019, when Pun Watta formed the Grand Republic of Orientia and invaded the neighboring Kingdom of Bedroomland. The invasion was a success, and Orientian troops occupied Bedroomland until it joined Orientia as a republic, converting the Grand Republic of Orientia into the Federation of Orientia.

Flag of the Federation of Orientia

Federal Era

After the invasion of Bedroomland and the formation of the federation, Orientia witnessed an increase in population, as Finndonia, Brownland, Rallas and Nickland joined the federation. Orientia soon became the foremost political and economical power within its region. The founder of Finndonia, Finn (undisclosed surname), rose to the rank of Prime Minister and plotted to leave the Orientia. Finndonia signed a deal with Nickland to illegally break off from the federation, and, with support from other republics, eventually formed the Federal Republic of Finndonia. Finndonia later declared war on Orientia, although it was dismissed by the government.

Orientia continued to expand as Nashino, Tawanland, Slavland, and Frank joined the federation as republics. Bedroomland dissolved and became a part of the larger Watta. The Orientia Trading Company was formed, and the Orientian economy boomed. Diplomatic bonds were formed, as Orientia signed multiple treaties with the Holy Cat Empire and other nations. The Orientian Defense Forces grew in size, expanding to over 10 Army divisions, 3 Navy divisions, and 1 Air Force division at its peak. The constitution was reformed after Prime Minister Pitt Sophonsiri was exiled due to charges of treason. Pitt was later pardoned and returned to the role of Prime Minister after an amendment of the constitution by the National Congress. His republic, Brownland, declared independence from Orientia on the 5th of February 2020, as the Federation of New Port. He currently serves as the President. Corenta, an Orientian republic, has since joined New Port [6]. Finndonia became a territory soon after. After a referendum on 13 April 2020, Orientia became a socialist nation.

Socialist Era

Orientia became a socialist nation on the 14th of April 2020. The role of Prime Minister was renamed to Premier. On April 20, the State of Desk was annexed, and Leon Montan was appointed its state president. A new national anthem was adopted. Finndonia was made Orientia's tenth state on May 10. Leon Montan was elected Premier after the 2020 Orientian premiership elections and chose Pip Limatibul as his deputy. On May 15 2020, New Brownland was accepted as a state, and Pitt Sophonsiri was appointed it's state president. He was made Deputy Premier on the same day.


All of Orientia's 10 states are very humid during most seasons.


Very little is documented about Orientia's climate, as Orientia has almost the same hot, humid air during most, if not all, seasons. The highest estimated temperature is 42°C during the mid-summer period of 2019.

Natural History

Birds are a very common sight in Orientia. In Hui City a large number of crows and other birds of the sort scavenge for food on the Great Hui Plains. On one instance, an Asian water monitor was seen fighting a dog behind the Presidential Palace. 1 dog (a Border Patrol officer) and 1 cat currently lives within Wattan borders.

Government and politics

Orientia is classified as a Hybrid Regime, as presidential elections are almost always rigged, and corruption is common. The most popular ideologies are Wattism and Marxism. Civil rights and LGBTQ+ rights are often debated, although no conclusion to the argument has been reached.

Although Orientia is a federal dominant-party socialist semi-presidential republic, it is de facto a dictatorship. Pun Watta is the head of government and serves as the President. The constitution states that the President "is elected via a democratic election" [7] although this claim has been disputed. The current Vice-President is Leon Montan, who is also Premier of Orientia. The position of President is fundamentally similar to that of a dictator, with the President being entitled to almost absolute power and immunity from all laws. The Premier of Orientia is chosen via a democratic election, much like the role of President. The Premier is often regarded as the second-in-command to the President and has almost the same powers as the President. The current Premier is Leon Montan, who was elected after the 2020 Orientian premiership election[8]. The Deputy Premier is currently Pun Watta.

Citizens enjoy a generous amount of rights with the passing of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of the People's Republic of Orientia, which includes the freedom of religion, thought, press, a fair trial, to question the government regarding anything, etc.[9]

Political parties

Orientia's legislative assembly is called the People's Congress of Orientia, and has 11 seats. One election takes place each year, to choose new presidents for the states within the nation. One delegate is chosen to represent one of the eleven states in the People’s Congress, and must be naturally-born citizen of the republic, although a exception has been made in order to give Leon Montan the position of Congressman.

Party Name Logo Political position Ideologies Leader Date of foundation Membership Cabinet Ministers Seats
United Left United Left.png Left-wing to Far-Left Socialism Pun Watta, Leon Montan 11 May 2020 13
12 / 13
4 / 10
Liberal Party Orientialiberals.png Center to Left-Wing Liberal socialism Matthew Xia 27 October 2019 2
1 / 13
2 / 10
Independent N/A 1
1 / 14
1 / 11

Notable Government Members

Law and order

A set of ORP equipment

The constitution divides all the power within the federation and has been amended multiple times after its first ratification on the 11th of December 2019. The constitution was written by Pun Watta.

Orientian republics do not have their own police, as the Orientian Federal Police is the sole federal law enforcement agency within the people's republic. The Orientian Riot Police (ORP) are used to suppress riots, and were used extensively during the 2019 Plastic Head Protests. There is no standardized police equipment, although almost all full sets include a police cap, an airsoft gun (or a Nerf gun), and a bat or baton. On some occasions dogs have been used to track criminals, although the method is often ineffective.

Foreign relations

Orientia is a member state of the Asia-Pacific Alliance, Cupertino Alliance, Union of Leftist States, Micronational Olympic Federation and the Grand Unified Micronational. Orientia has participated in one micronational conflict, the TOES-Almendria War. However, the Republic of New Port has claimed to have been in a war with Orientia.

Recognized states; no diplomatic relations

Full foreign relations and treaties signed

Informal relations

Recogition refused

International organization participation

Administrative Divisions

Orientia is comprised of 10 states, each with their own governments, citizens and cities. Of the ten, Nashino is the most populous, and Watta has the highest economic output. As of August 2020, the states are: Watta, Rallas, Nashino, Slavland, Frank, Whiteland, Silencia, Desk, Finndonia and New Brownland. Orientia also has 1 territory: Equality. Territories are semi-autonomous regions that report to the federal government but do not have the full rights of a state (representation in the People's Congress, etc).

Flag Name Annexed Population[1] State President/Territorial Governor
Wattaflag.jpg Watta 8 January 2019 32 Pun Watta
United Left
Rallas flag.jpg Rallas 17 October 2019 7 Roy Bulsook
United Left
Nashinoflag.jpg Nashino 24 November 2019 60+ Nashi Krit
United Left
Slavflag.jpg Slavland 24 November 2019 20 Andrei K.
United Left
Frank flag.jpg Frank 24 November 2019 15 Nathan Tzola
United Left
N/A Whiteland 6 January 2020 6 Mednga
United Left
N/A Silencia 15 January 2020 17 Karn
Liberal Party
N/A Desk 20 April 2020 0 Leon Montan
United Left
Finndoniaflag.jpg Finndonia 15 January 2020 40+ Finn T.
United Left
New Brownland.png New Brownland 15 May 2020 4 Pitt Sophonsiri
United Left
Equalityflag.jpg Equality 5 February 2020 5 Tawan
United Left


Orientia is classified as a command economy. The Orientia Trading Company makes up 100% of the economy, with over 175 Rigen ($58.82) made in 2019. It is one of the five state-owned companies in Orientia. Currently the first registered film company, Ging Gong Film Studios, is developing their first movie. The means of production are owned by the state.


The de jure official currency is the Rigen (ℝ) [6], although the de facto currency is the Thai Baht.


Mild taxation has been proposed in the People’s Congress, although no taxation has been formally implemented.


A socialist era poster, depicting Comrade Kai, a fictitious character used to bolster morale
The cover of a diss track by Machine Gun Pitt, directed to Leon Montan


Popular musicians are Little P (also known as Lil’P) and Machine Gun Pitt. Lesser known artists include Hella Gang, Roy Aspin and Crompton Tom. Rap and pop music are the two most listened to genres of music.


The national sport of Orientia is Sandball, a competitive game in which players throw balls of sand at each other, until one player surrenders. It enjoys relative popularity as a recreational sport, although most civilians don’t have sandpits to use for playing. Airsoft is an extremely popular sport, with civilians, with the Orientian Liberation Army and the police engaging in it as means of recreation or training.


CS:GO and Minecraft are popular video games, and are both played in the Orientian Esports Championship. A running joke in Orientia is that the Director of the OID uses hacks when using the AWP. Orientia is also in the Micronational Olympic Federation and has competed in the 2020 MOF Rock Paper Scissors Tournament.

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