Rajyapal of Basistha

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Rajyapal of Basistha
वशिष्ठ के राज्यपाल
Only office-holder till date
Duke Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu
11 September 2021 – 18 March 2022
StyleHis Highness
AppointerRashtradhyaksh on the advice and suggestion of the members of the Conference of Rulers
Term lengthNo fixed term length
Constituting instrumentArticle 50 of the Constitution of Vishwamitra
PrecursorRajpramukh of Basistha
Formation11 September 2021
First holderȘtefan Marius Snagoveanu
Abolished18 March 2022

The Rajyapal of Basistha, translation: Governor of Basistha, was the executive head of state of the Vishwamitran state of Basistha. The Rajyapal discharged similar functions and duties like the rulers of the other royal states including the appointment of state officials, bestowal of state honours, etc. The Constitution of Vishwamitra confers executive powers on the rulers of the states. The Rajyapal was styled as His Highness.

The first and the only Rajyapal of Basistha was Duke Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu who served between 11 September 2021 and 18 March 2022. Prior to becoming the rajyapal, Snagoveanu was the nation's sixth prime minister between March and September 2021.

The position was replaced by the Rajpramukh of Basistha following the re-establishment of the monarchy in Basistha on 18 March 2022.


The position of the Rajyapal of Basistha was established on 5 September 2021 following the implementation of Article 50 of the Constitution of Vishwamitra which stated for special provisions for Basistha:

1. Subject to the special location of the state of Basistha and special administrative laws, it may be decided by law in consultation and approval from the Conference of Rulers and consultation with the Privy Council and the Parliament to change the political status of the state, in case of:

i. inactivity or incapacity of the Rajpramukh ii. difficulty in the administration of the state, subject to advice from the Rajpramukhs of Purvanchal and Beltola

2. Subject to Clause 1, the monarchy in the state of Basistha shall be subjected to abolition or further reinstatement on the pleasure of the Conference of Rulers.

3. In case of the abolition of monarchy, direct representative of the Conference of Rulers appointed in the name of the Rashtradhyaksh shall administer the territory of the state as the Rajyapal or Governor of the state.

4. The Rajyapal shall discharge the similar functions provided by the Constitution to rulers of the royal states, except as listed of special duties conferred only upon rulers. The Rajpayal shall precede below the rulers of the royal states, as prescribed in Clause 1 of Article 49.

With effect from 11 September 2021, the position of the Rajpramukh of Basistha was abolished and replaced by that of the Rajyapal of Basistha.

In March 2022, the serving rajyapal conveyed to the Rashtradhyaksh of tendering his resignation from the position citing administrative issues. Subsequently, the Rashtradhyaksh conveyed a special session of the Conference of Rulers which approved the resignation of the rajyapal and also adopted the resolution to re-establish the monarchy in the state. After the motion was adopted by the members of the conference, the monarchy was re-established under the reign of Princess Anoushkaa of the House of Patranabish. Princess Anoushkaa was installed as the second rajpramukh of Basistha on 18 March 2022, the day the resignation of the rajyapal became effective.


The Constitution stated that the Rajyapal (Governor) of Basistha shall be appointed in the name of the Rashtradhyaksh on the advice and suggestion of the other members of the Conference of Rulers. On 9 September 2021, Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu was appointed as the first rajyapal and he assumed charge on 11 September 2021. He remained in office till the abolition of the special status on 18 March 2022.

List of Rajyapals of Basistha

Portrait Rajyapal Term of office Notes
Took office Left office Days
1 His Highness Duke
Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu
स्टीफन मारियस स्नागोवीनु
(born 2004)
11 September
18 March
188 days Appointed to serve as the inaugural Rajyapal of Basistha following the end of his tenure as prime minister on 11 September 2021. Formally installed the same day and inducted to the Order of the Lotus as Grand Collar and the Order of the Vishwamitra as Grand Cordon by the Rashtradhyaksh. Instrumental in the adoption of a new state flag and the creation of state decorations – Order of Basistha and the Order of Merit of Basistha. Resigned in March 2022 which became effective from 18 March 2022.