Attorney General (Vishwamitra)

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Attorney General for Vishwamitra
Horatio Eden

since 25 March 2021
Ministry of Law and Justice
on the recommendation of the Minister of Law and Justice
Term lengthAt His Majesty's pleasure
Formation25 March 2021; 2 years, 325 days ago
First holderHoratio Eden

The Attorney General for Vishwamitra is the Vishwamitran government's chief legal advisor, and is primary lawyer in the Supreme Court of Vishwamitra. They can be said to be the advocate from government's side. They are appointed by the Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra on advice of Union Cabinet and holds office during the pleasure of the monarch. They must be a person qualified to be appointed as a Judge of the Supreme Court. The position of the Attorney General was established on 25 March 2021 through Royal Decree No. 155-2021. Horatio Eden was appointed as the first and current Attorney General and has been into office since 25 March 2021.

List of Attorneys General for Vishwamitra

Name Tenure Appointer
To From Days in office
Horatio Eden 25 March 2021 present 2 years, 325 days Varuna Sriraya