Armed Forces of Vishwamitra

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His Majesty's Armed Forces
Vishwamitran Armed Forces - Emblem.svg
Badge of the Armed forces
Vishwamitran Armed Forces - Flag.svg
Flag of the Armed Forces
Founded14 May 2018
Current form9 June 2020
Service branches
Supreme CommanderStandard of the Marshal of the VAF.svg Marshal
Dhrubajyoti Roy
Minister of DefenceDavid Augustus
Chief of the General StaffGeneral Arturo Lara
Active personnel7

The Armed Forces of the State of Vishwamitra is the ceremonial and honorary military force in the State of Vishwamitra. It only comprises of the Royal Army, which serves the ceremonial defence branch of the nation.

Ranks and insignia


NATO equiv. code OF-10 OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1 OF(D) Student officer
Field marshal (Vishwamitra) - OF-10.svg General (Vishwamitra) - OF-9.svg Lieutenant General (Vishwamitra) - OF-8.svg Major general (Vishwamitra) - OF-7.svg Brigadier (Vishwamitra) - OF-6.svg Colonel (Vishwamitra) - OF-5.svg Lieutenant colonel (Vishwamitra) - OF-4.svg Major (Vishwamitra) - OF-3.svg Captain (Vishwamitra) - OF-2.svg Lieutenant (Vishwamitra) - OF-1.svg No equivalent
Field marshal General Lieutenant general Major general Brigadier Colonel Lieutenant colonel Major Captain Lieutenant Officer cadet
Marshal of the Air Force (Vishwamitra) - OF-10.svg Air Chief Marshal (Vishwamitra) - OF-9.svg Air Marshal (Vishwamitra) - OF-8.svg Air Vice Marshal (Vishwamitra) - OF-7.svg Air commodore (Vishwamitra) - (OF-6).svg Group captain (Vishwamitra) - (OF-5).svg Wing commander (Vishwamitra) - OF-4.svg No equivalent
Marshal of the Royal Air Force Air chief marshal Air marshal Air vice marshal Air commodore Group captain Wing commander Squadron leader Flight lieutenant Flight officer Pilot officer