General of the Army (Vishwamitra)

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General sleeve insignia
Country Vishwamitra
Service branch Royal Vishwamitran Army
NATO rankOF-9
Next higher rankField marshal
Next lower rankLieutenant general

General (abbreviated GEN) is a four-star and the second-highest rank, and the highest active rank, of the Royal Vishwamitran Army. It ranks below the highest attainable rank within the army of that of the field marshal and outranks the a lieutenant general of the army, a vice admiral of the navy, and an air marshal of the air force. Its equivalent is an admiral of the navy, and an air chief marshal of the air force.

Appointments to the rank of general are made on both regular and honorary basis, which is the only exception to the Vishwamitran Armed Forces. By tradition, all the constituent monarchs of the provinces of Vishwamitra and senior members of the royalties have been appointed as non-serving generals in the army. The professional head of the army, the Chief of the General Staff is the only serving general in the royal army.


The general's insignia consists of the federal crown over a crossed baton and sabre.
Vishwamitra-Army- 2 - General of the Army or Honorary General1.png Insignia used until 20 September 2020.

Rank holders

Full generals

No. Name Conferred as Date of appointment Appointer
1 Tanishkaa Patranabish President of the Council of Ministers 13 May 2018 Anoushkaa Patranabish
2 Anoushkaa Patranabish Vice-President 12 October 2018 Dhrubajyoti Roy
3 Bishnu Chetry Rajpramukh of Uttaranchal 8 July 2020
4 Arnab Sil Rajpramukh of Madhya Prant
5 Anirban Phatowali Rajpramukh of Kamrupa 22 January 2021
6 Abhiraj Kar Deputy Prime Minister
7 Arturo Lara Chief of the General Staff 7 January 2021

Honorary generals

No. Name Conferred as Date of appointment Appointer
1 Flag of Kaleido.JPG Gat Mahayap GCL President of Kaleido 8 July 2020 (annulled on 9 September 2020) Dhrubajyoti Roy
2 Ebenthal Arthur II of Ebenthal KOS GCKP GCC MDS King of Ebenthal 25 September 2020
3 Queensland Edward IX of Queensland KOS GCKP GCL GCC MDS King of Queensland 26 September 2020
4 Archduchy of Mimas Christoph II of Mimas GCKP GCL Archduke of Mimas 22 January 2021