Mridul Amin of Basistha

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His Royal Highness
Mohammad Mridul Amin
Rajpramukh of Basistha
In office
8 June 2020 - 11 September 2021
Rashtradhyaksh Tanishkaa Patranabish
Dhrubajyoti Roy
Prime Minister Anoushkaa Patranabish
Predecessor Position established
Governor of Purvanchal
In office
13 May 2020 - 8 June 2020
President Tanishkaa Patranabish
Personal information
Born 13 January
Nalbari, Assam, India
Citizenship  Vishwamitra
Nationality  Indian
Political party National People's Congress
Other political
Friends Society Independent Party (2016-19)
Residence Rajpramukh Niwas, Basistha
Occupation Student
Religion Islam

Mohammad Mridul Amin, officially known as Mridul Amin of Basistha is an Indian micronationalist, he was the Rajpramukh of Basistha serving between 8 June 2020 and 11 September 2021. He formerly served as Governor of Purvanchal from 13 May 2020 until 8 June 2020. Amin is affiliated with the National People's Congress, he used to be a part of the Friends Society Independent Party from 2016 until 2019.

Political career

Mohammad Mridul Amin is one of the senior-most politicians of the nation, who has served on wide range of positions both at national and state level. He first became the Minister of Finance on 6 December 2015 and served until the dissolution of the ministry on 11 April 2016. Under the premiership of Dhrubajyoti Roy which took office on 11 April 2016, he was appointed as Union Cabinet Minister for Child Welfare, and remained in that position till 10 July 2016. In a cabinet reshuffle held on 10 July 2016, he lost his cabinet berth and was appointed as Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Parliamentary Affairs which he continued to hold until his resignation from the Union Council of Ministers on 18 September 2016.

He contested the 2016 March Vice-Presidential election against Bishnu Chetry and Arnab Sil and also the 2016 May Vice-Presidential election against Arnab Sil, but was unsuccessful in both the attempts.

With the creation of the state of Uttaranchal, he was appointed to serve as the first Chief Minister of the state which he held from 18 September 2016 until 12 April 2017. When Sarala Baishya became the Prime Minister, he was called in to be a part of the Union Council of Ministers and was appointed as the Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Welfare, with the additional duties of the Minister of State in the ministries of Parliamentary Affairs and Social Justice.

Styles, titles and honours

Styles of
Mohammad Mridul Amin of Basistha
Reference styleHis Exalted Highness
Spoken styleYour Exalted Highness
Alternative styleSir

Titles and styles

  • 6 December 2015 – 8 June 2020: His Excellency Mohammad Mridul Amin
  • 8 June 2020 – 4 August 2021: His Royal Highness The Rajpramukh of Basistha
  • 4 August 2021 – present: His Exalted Highness The Rajpramukh of Basistha


Honours of Basistha

Received as former head of state of Basistha:

Vishwamitra and its states

Former honours

Foreign honours

Order of wear

Ribbon bars and badges of the orders and decorations that are worn by Mohammad Mridul Amin, the Rajpramukh Emeritus of Basistha are noted in accordance with customary Vishwamitran conventions applicable to the occasion, the location and to the form of dress worn. The ribbon bars are worn according to the protocol and the precedence of the wear as issued by the Chancellery of the orders. It is to note that the ribbons of the foreign honours are worn below the national and state honours of Vishwamitra. The badges of the foreign decorations are not worn regular except for special occasions.

Ribbon bars worn by Mohammad Mridul Amin

Ribbon bar of the Order of the Foxtail Orchid.svgRibbon bar of the Order of Basistha.svg
Order of Uttaranchal - Grand Knight - ribbon bar.svgRibbon bar of the Order of Merit of Basistha - Grand Companion.svgRibbon bar of the Distinguished and Long Service Medal (Vishwamitra) - 2 rosettes.svgNational Service Medal (Vishwamitra) - ribbon.svg
20th Birthday commemorative medal of Arnisha Phatowali-ribbon.svgRibbon bar of the Commemorative Medal of the First Anniversary of the Vishwamitran Monarchy.svgRibbon bar of the Crystal Jubilee Commemorative Medal.svgRibbon bar of the Order of William I.svg

Badges worn by Mohammad Mridul Amin

Order of the Foxtail Orchid - Badge.svgCommander Order William.svg

Standards and arms


File:Coat of Arms of Mridul Amin (Order of the Lotus).svg
Escutcheon of Mridul Amin.svg
Royal Monogram of Mridul Amin.svg
Full armorial achievement Personal escutcheon Royal monogram


Coat of Arms of Mridul Amin (Order of William I).svg
Armorial as Commander of the Order of William I