Philip Joseph Pillin of Pibocip

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His Majesty
Philip Joseph Pillin
King of Pibocip

Portrait of King Philip
King of Pibocip
Reign 2005 – present
Crown Prince Prince Phillip Pillin
Prime Minister Craig Ziobert
Predecessor Queen Anita
Personal Information
Full name
Philip Joseph Pillin
Spouse Mary Rita, Queen Consort
Crown Prince Phillip
Princess Christine
House Pillin
Born 7 April 1934 (1934-04-07) (age 88)
United States
Nationality American, Pibocian
Spouse(s) Mary Rita, Queen Consort
Relations Phillip Joseph Pillin (grandson)
Religion Catholic

King Philip Joseph Pillin is an American micronationalist who is the current King of the Kingdom of Pibocip since 2005, having succeeded his mother-in-law, Queen Anita to the throne.

Personal life

King Philip Joseph Pillin was born on 7 April 1934 and is currently 88 years old and is one of the oldest serving national leaders. He is married to Mary Rita Pillin, the Queen consort of Pibocip. The royal couple has two children - Crown Prince Phillip Pillin and Princess Christine.


Following the demise of his mother-in-law, Queen Anita on 15 October 2005, he succeeded her on the throne of Pibocip and has since then been reigning as the King of Pibocip. As the monarch of Pibocip, he renders wide range of duties including receiving state guests and granting honours. He also has an influence over the kingdom's foreign affairs as he is directly responsible for approving and signing diplomatic treaties with foreign nations along with the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

In 2022 following a fall, he suffered an injury and was hospitalised for more than three months. During that period, Crown Prince Phillip Pillin was appointed as Regent to the throne.


National honours

Foreign honours

Former honours
State honours


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