Order of the Bluebell

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The Most Honorable
Order of the Bluebell
Insignia of the Order of the Bluebell.jpg
Insignia of the order
Awarded by the King of Pibocip
TypeChivalric order
Established14 July 2022
MottoLove One Another
EligibilityState and foreign dignitaries
Awarded forservices to the nation
StatusCurrently constituted
FounderPhilip Joseph Pillin
Grand CommanderPhilip Joseph Pillin
GradesGrand Cordon
Knight and Dame Companion
First induction14 July 2022
Next (higher)Order of the Royal Family of Pibocip
Next (lower)Order of the Certificate of Honor

Ribbon bar of the Order of the Bluebell
(Grand Cordon)

The Most Honorable Order of the Bluebell is a chivalric order of the Kingdom of Pibocip which is the highest order obtainable to individuals who are not members of the Pibocian Royal Family. It is awarded by the discretion of the Monarch as the fons honorum at the recommendation of the government and the royal family.

Being a chivalric order, the Order of the Bluebell maintains aspects of a confraternal society of individuals working to do good deeds. Therefore, the purpose of the order is two-folded. First, the order is awarded to any citizen or a foreign head of state, head of government, or any individual for their contributions towards the development of the nation, friendship, and/or cooperation. Because of this, the order is secondly conferred for the continuation of charitable works to the kingdom and to the greater world. The motto of the order is Love One Another which refers to the chivalric code of the order that members are to show forth the Kingdom of God in love by building up Pibocip and the rest of the world. Therefore, knights and dames of the order are expected to live a life of love so that the world may see the good that they do and give glory to God. The order is not meant to be militaristic, especially since Pibocip does not have a military, but rather serve as a hospitaller order serving those in need.

Four of the recipients of the order, left to right: Prince Phillip J. Pillin, Citizens Affairs Minister John Farr of West Who, Foreign Minister Mike Farr of West Who, and Crown Prince Phillip of Pibocip at MicroCon 2022.


The reigning monarch as the fons honorum is the ex-officio Grand Commander of the order. The Commander is chosen by the monarch from the members of the Grand Cordon rank of the order to oversee the general operations of the order. Investiture into the order is to take place only at designated times throughout the year and the membership in the order is only limited to 30 people at a time. The charter members are excluded from the initial installation requirements.

Thereafter follow those honoured with different grades of the order, divided into four levels: all having post-nominal letters.

Classes of the Most Honorable Order of the Bluebell
Grade Grand Cordon Knight and Dame Companion Companion Member
Post-nominals BGC BKC BOC BOM
Insignia Insignia of the Order of the Bluebell.jpg
Ribbon bar Ribbon bar of the Order of the Bluebell (Pibocip).svg

List of officers

The current officers of the Order of the Bluebell are as follows:


The ribbon of the order is light blue and may be added to armorial bearings. The medallion of the order which is a Hyacinthoides non-scripta, also known as the Common Bluebell over a bronze plaque. The national coat of arms appear in the center over the floral design. The medallion is hung on a light blue ribbon.


All initial members of the order who were inducted at the time of the creation of the order are to be known as its Charter Members including the Grand Commander and Commander.

Grand Cordons (BGC)

Knights and Dames Companion (BKC)

  • 14 July 2022: Phillip Pillin, Crown Prince of Pibocip
  • 14 July 2022: Kim Brauer, Crown Princess of Pibocip
  • 14 July 2022: Prince Phillip Joseph Pillin of Pibocip
  • 14 July 2022: Princess Christine Cipriano of Pibocip
  • 14 July 2022: Princess Annamarie Cipriano of Pibocip
  • 14 July 2022: Prince Daniel Cipriano of Pibocip
  • 14 July 2022: Zar Antonov, President of Obscurium
  • 14 July 2022: Craig Justin Ziobert, Prime Minister of Pibocip

Companions (BOC)

Members (BOM)

  • 14 July 2022: Christopher Seeman
  • 14 July 2022: Getty Seeman
  • 14 July 2022: Brook Benedict
  • 14 July 2022: Mike Farr
  • 14 July 2022: John Farr
  • 14 July 2022: King Carson I of Northwood-Oregon

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