Order of the Gatfar

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The Most Noble Order of the Gatfar
Arms of Order of Gatfar.png
Arms of Order of Gatfar
Awarded by the
Coat of Arms of Sovereign Order of the Gatfar.png
Monarchy of Queensland
Established30 July 2015
CriteriaAt the Monarch's pleasure
StatusCurrently constituted
FounderGeorge I of Queensland
SovereignThe King of Queensland
ChancellorThe King of Queensland
  • Knight/Lady
    Royal Knight/Lady
    Stranger Knight/Lady
  • Knight (KG)
    Lady (LG)
    Stranger Knight (SKG)
    Stranger Lady (SLG)
First induction30 July 2015
Last induction24 May 2021
Total inductees32
Next (higher)Order of the Supreme Royal Family of Queensland
Next (lower)Order of the Helmond Bernhard

Ribbon bar of the Order of the Gatfar

The Order of the Gatfar or more formally, the Most Noble Order of the Gatfar is the second highest chivalric order of the Kingdom of Queensland which was established on 30 July 2015 by the first monarch of Queensland, George I in order to bestow the order upon individuals for their outstanding contributions to the nation and its people. The motto of the order is FREEDOM AND LIBERTY. The monarch of Queensland serves as the Sovereign of the order.


Divided into 3 stages:

  • 1. Royal Knight and Lady : Member of Royal Queenslandian Family
  • 2. Stranger Knight and Lady : Foreign head of state
  • 3. Knight and Lady Companion : Person appointed for a special occasion

Collar and Ribbon

Order of the Gatfar in Heraldry.svg
QN Order of Gatfar Star.png
Gatfar belt Star of the order

List of members

List of current members of the Order
# Military Rank
(in Queensland)
Name Date of appointment Present age Grade
R1 Field Marshal QueenslandRoyal Standard of Monarchy of Queensland.svg The King of Queensland Sovereign since 2021 17 Royal Knight
L1 Field Marshal Queensland Princess Charlotte, Duchess of St Andrews 3 January 2015 17 Royal Lady
L2 Lieutenant General Queensland Princess Juliana, Duchess of Beauclerk 3 January 2018 14 Royal Lady
1 Major Queensland Albert John, 1st Duke of Horsens 3 January 2020 19 Knight Companion
2 Major Queensland Gustaf Ingrid, 1st Baron Ingrid of Bangor 25 April 2020 13 Knight Companion
S1 - Flag christoph chao city.png The Prince of Christoph Chao City 30 July 2020 18 Stranger Knight
S2 - Huai SiaoFlag of the Emperor Pao01.png The Emperor of Huai Siao 12 September 2020 11 Stranger Knight
S3 Field Marshal VishwamitraRoyal Standard of Vishwamitra.svg The Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra 15 September 2020 19 Stranger Knight
S4 Field Marshal Commonwealth of Naveria The Grand Duke of Naveria 30 September 2020 16 Stranger Knight
R2 Major Queensland Prince Frederick, Duke of Henrik 20 October 2020 11 Royal Knight
3 - Vishwamitra Tanishkaa Patranabish 24 November 2020 17 Lady Companion
4 - Huai Siao Prince Eun Jo 24 November 2020 17 Knight Companion
S5 Admiral of the Fleet Republic of Molossia The President of Molossia 1 January 2021 59 Stranger Knight
S6 Admiral of the Fleet Archduchy of MimasMimasian Royal Standard.png The Archduke of Mimas 3 January 2021 28 Stranger Knight
5 - New Molco flag.png Zerorius Hiruko 4 January 2021 18 Knight Companion
S7 - United Kingdoms of Greater MonmarkNew Monmarkian Royal Standard.jpg The Emperor of Monmark 13 February 2021 - Stranger Knight
6 - Queensland Dame Armgard V. Margaret 13 February 2021 17 Lady Companion
S8 Group Captain IkoniaRoyal Standard of Ikonia.svg The King of Ikonia 22 March 2021 15 Stranger Knight
7 - Vishwamitra Princess Anoushkaa 22 March 2021 11 Lady Companion
8 - SnagovPresidential Standard of Snagov.svg Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu 2 April 2021 17 Knight Companion
9 Field Marshal Queensland Sir Michael Nicholas Fulham 2 April 2021 20 Knight Companion
10 Air Vice Marshal Queensland Sir James Nicholas Edward 2 April 2021 19 Knight Companion
R3 Major General Queensland Prince William, Duke of Ernest 20 April 2021 12 Royal Knight
L3 Lieutenant General Queensland Princess Armgard, 2nd Duchess of Strathearn and George 24 April 2021 36 Royal Lady
S9 - SildaviaRoyal Standard of Maria of Sildavia.svg The Queen of Sildavia 24 April 2021 18 Stranger Lady
S10 - w:United KingdomRoyal Standard of the United Kingdom.svg The Queen of the United Kingdom & the Commonwealth realms 24 April 2021 95 Stranger Lady
S11 - w:SwedenRoyal standard of Sweden.svg The King of Sweden 24 April 2021 75 Stranger Knight
S12 - w:MalaysiaFlag of the King of Malaysia.svg The Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia 24 April 2021 62 Stranger Knight
11 - w:New Zealand Dame Patsy Reddy 24 April 2021 67 Lady Companion
12 - w:New Zealand Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand 24 April 2021 41 Lady Companion
S13 - KapreburgRoyal Standard of Kapreburg redux.svg The King of Kapreburg 24 May 2021 14 Stranger Knight
S14 - Revalia The King of Revalia 24 May 2021 13 Stranger Knight

Specially appointed members

Specially appointed recipients include all those individuals who were conferred the Order of the Gaftar posthumously, that is after their demise, for their outstanding and remarkable services for the benefit of the nation and the world.

List of special appointed members of the Order
Name Lifespan Known as Age at time
of death
Date of appointment Grade
Queensland Prince Albert, Duke of Strathearn and George 1937 – 2020 Member of the royal family 82 3 January 2015 Royal Knight
w:NepalRoyal Standard of Nepal (1969-2001).svg Birendra of Nepal 1945 – 2001 King of Nepal (1972 – 2001) 55 2 February 2021 Knight
w:ThailandRoyal Standard of Thailand.svg Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand 1927 – 2016 King of Thailand (1946 – 2016) 88 2 February 2021 Knight
w:United Kingdom Captain Sir Thomas Moore 1920 – 2021 British Army officer 100 2 February 2021 Knight
w:NorwayRoyal Standard of Norway.svg Olav V of Norway 1903 – 1991 King of Norway (1957 – 1991) 87 2 February 2021 Knight
w:ThailandFlag of senior members of the Thai Royal Family.svg Princess Srinagarindra, The Princess Mother 1900 – 1995 Princess Mother of Thailand 94 12 March 2021 Lady
w:NetherlandsRoyal Standard of the Netherlands (1908–2013).svg Juliana of the Netherlands 1909 – 2004 Queen of the Netherlands (1948 – 1980) 94 2 April 2021 Lady
w:BelgiumRoyal Standard of King Baudouin of Belgium (1951–1993).svg Baudouin I of Belgium 1930 – 1993 King of the Belgians (1951 – 1993) 62 2 April 2021 Knight
w:BelgiumRoyal Standard of Queen Fabiola of Belgium (1960-2014).svg Queen Fabiola of Belgium 1928 – 2014 Queen consort of the Belgians (1960 – 1993) 86 2 April 2021 Lady
w:Luxembourg Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg 1896 – 1985 Grand Duchess of Luxembourg (1919 – 1964) 89 2 April 2021 Lady
w:Luxembourg Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg 1921 – 2019 Grand Duke of Luxembourg (1964 – 2000) 98 2 April 2021 Knight
w:United KingdomRoyal Standard of the United Kingdom.svg George VI of the United Kingdom 1895 – 1952 King of the United Kingdom (1936 – 1952) 56 2 April 2021 Knight
w:OmanRoyal Standard of Oman.svg Qaboos bin Said Al Said 1940 – 2020 Sultan of Oman (1970 – 2020) 79 6 April 2021 Knight
w:KuwaitStandard of the Emir of Kuwait.svg Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah 1929 – 2020 Emir of Kuwait (2006 – 2020) 91 6 April 2021 Knight
w:United KingdomRoyal Standard of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.svg Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 1921 – 2021 Consort of the British monarch (1952 – 2021) 99 10 April 2021 Knight


Gatfar banners


Coats of arms of Knights and Ladies of the Gaftar
The Sovereign
Royal Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Queensland (revised edition).svg
Arms of the King

Royal Knights and Ladies
Juliana VIII The Queen Emeritus - RLG - Coat of Arms.svg Princess Charlotte, Duchess of St Andrews - RLG - Coat of Arms.svg Prince Frederick, Duke of Henrik - RKG - Coat of Arms.svg
Arms of Princess Juliana, Duchess of Beauclerk Arms of Princess Charlotte, Duchess of St Andrews Arms of Prince Frederick, Duke of Henrik
Princess Armgard, Duchess of Strathearn and George - RLG - Coat of Arms.svg Prince William, Duke of Ernest - RKG - Coat of Arms.svg
Arms of the Duchess of Strathearn and George Arms of the Duke of Ernest

Stranger Knights and Ladies
Joseph Thanawin Dangsopa (Order of Gatfar).png Emperor Pao - SKG - Coat of Arms.svg Dhrubajyoti Roy - SKG - Coat of Arms.svg
Arms of the Prince of Christoph Chao City Arms of the Emperor of Huai Siao Arms of the Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra
Casper von Naveria (Order of Gatfar).png Dr.Kevin Baugh (Order of the Gatfar).png Christoph II (Order of the Gatfar).png
Arms of the Grand Duke of Naveria Arms of the President of Molossia Arms of the Archduke of Mimas
Alexander I Constantine of Monmark - SKG - Coat of Arms.svg Order of Gatfar - King Cameron I of Ikonia - SKG.svg
Arms of the Emperor of Monmark Arms of the King of Ikonia Arms of the Queen of Sildavia
Arms of the The King of Kapreburg Arms of the The King of Revalia

Knights and Ladies Companion
Albert John - KG - Coat of Arms.svg Baron Ingrid of Bangor - KG - Coat of Arms.svg Tanishkaa Patranabish - LG - Coat of Arms.svg
Arms of the 1st Duke of Horsens Arms of the 1st Baron Ingrid of Bangor Arms of Tanishkaa Patranabish of Vishwamitra
Prince Eun Jo - KG - Coat of Arms.svg Zerorius Hiruko - KG - Coat of Arms.svg Baroness Margaret of Maryborough - LG - Coat of Arms.svg
Arms of 1st Duke of Albany Arms of 1st Baron Hiruko of Hamilton Arms of 1st Baroness Margaret of Maryborough
Princess Anoushkaa - LG - Coat of Arms.svg
Arms of Princess Anoushkaa of Vishwamitra Arms of Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu Arms of Sir Michael Nicholas Fulham
Arms of Sir James Nicholas Edward Arms of Gustavo Essedin Gamee Arms of Juan Cisneros

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