House of Andreas

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Royal House
EtymologyLatin root of Ander(son)
Place of originColorado
FoundedApril 13, 2017; 5 years ago (2017-04-13)
FounderPetrus I
Current headPetrus I
MottoMajesté, Honneur, Dignité
(Majesty, Honour, Dignity)
Estate(s)Château Andreas

The House of Andreas is a Coloradan noble and royal family and the reigning house in Winterspell. The current house head is King Petrus I.


The House of Andreas maintains two types of house members. Explicit and implicit. Explicit members are both eligible to be in the house and belong in some capacity to Winterspell. Implicit members are eligible, but do not belong to Winterspell. Current house members are listed as follows (implicit members are in italics):

  • Lady Rita A. (b. 1945)
    • Michelle G. (b. 1969) m. Brett G. (b. 1969)
      • Charlie S. (b. 1991)
      • Ashley S. (b. 1994)
    • Prince John (b. 1973) m. Princess Holly (b. 1975)


Of the house, two members hold titles.

Titles of King Petrus I:

Titles of Princess Olivia:

  • Countess of Starbuck