Arthur C. de Tourneau, Archduke of Duckionary

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Arthur I
His Royal Highness, Archduke Arthur I of Duckionary
Portrait of His Royal Highness in 2024
Archduke of Duckionary
Reign10 March 2022 – present
Coronation25 August 2023
PredecessorSelf (as President)
President of Duckionary
In office
24 August 2018 – 10 March 2022
Succeeded bySelf (as Archduke)
BornSchärding, Austria
Regnal name
Arthur the Angel
HouseDe Tourneau
ReligionRoman Catholic
Nationality Austrian
ResidencesPalais d‘ Aurelio, Duckionary
WebsiteWebsite of the Royal House

Archduke Arthur I of Duckionary (Arthur Constantin de Tourneau), is a micronationalist and the current reigning Archduke of the Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary, encompassing all its Crown Lands. He ascended to the leadership on 24 August 2018, initially assuming the roles of Emperor, Chancellor, and President of Duckionary in a personal capacity until 09 March 2022.

He is also sometimes referred to within Duckionary as "Arthur the Angel". Unofficially, he is also called "Archiduck". In his office as Duke of Panagua, he is also known as the "Balkan Duke", "Balkanherzog" in German.

Since 10 March 2022, Archduke Arthur I has held the official title of Archduke of Duckionary. Additionally, he has held the de jure position of Prime Minister of Duckionary from 10 March 2022 until the title was abolished on 01 June 2024.

He is a permanent member of the Micro Euro Summit Planning Comittee.

Archduke Arthur was crowned on the 25 August 2023 at Hagenau Castle in Upper Austria by a Papal Chaplain of Honor.

Personal life

De Tourneau was born in Schärding, Upper Austria, where he spent his childhood and youth. He currently attends a grammar school. He speaks German, English, French, Latin and Russian. His pedigree can be traced back until 1204 to Hugo von Bar, hereditary bailiff of the bishopric of Osnabrück, and includes other notable figures from the Huguenot nobility and upper middle classes.

Engagement in Duckionary and other micronations

In addition to his role as reigning Archduke of the Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary, Arthur de Tourneau holds several positions and has notable connections within the micronational community. He is Chairman of the Civic Association of Duckionary and leads its activities and initiatives. In addition, de Tourneau holds the office of Grand Master of the Order of the Knights of Duckionary, demonstrating his commitment to upholding the noble traditions and values associated with this order.

Arthur de Tourneau has gained attention and recognition through his diplomatic efforts, including important meetings with the heads of state or representatives of Slowjamastan, Kugelmugel and Seborga.

Through his diverse assignments and international involvement, Arthur de Tourneau demonstrates his commitment to the prosperity of Duckionary, the preservation of its culture, and the promotion of harmonious relations within the micronational community. Arthur attended the MicroCon EU 2023 in Ypres, Belgium from 11-13 August 2023, where he made many new friends and gained valuable experience and new ideas for Duckionary.

He also serves as Dean of the Faculty around and within Micronations at the Užupis University since June 2024.

Micro Euro Summit

Micro Euro Summit 2023

In June 2022, Archduke Arthur de Tourneau, along with President Zar Antonov of Obscurium, organized the Micro Euro Summit 2022, which brought together leaders and representatives of various micronations in Chyše, Czech Republic, to discuss and deliberate on matters of mutual interest and cooperation. The success and significance of the summit paved the way for a sequel in 2023. The Micro Euro Summit 2023 took place in Chyše from 14-16 July 2023 and was attended by 25 persons. The organising committee has confirmed that there will be another Micro Euro Summit in 2024. Archduke Arthur de Tourneau's active involvement in organizing and promoting this event underscores his commitment to fostering diplomatic relations, facilitating dialogue, and promoting the common interests of the micronational community.

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Public presentations

Archduke Arthur speaking at MicroCon EU 2023

Archducal Guard

The Archducal Guard of Duckionary was founded in 2023 by Archduke Arthur to ensure protection for the Archducal Family when travelling and making official appearances. The Colonel of the Guard is Jan-Olav Spiekermann and the uniform will be presented at Chyše Castle on 20 July 2024.

Royal Household

The Royal Houshold is made up of the Travelling Marshal, Court Chaplain, Court Marshal, Master of Ceremonies, Photographer, Court Archivist, Crown Councillors, Privy Councillors, Security Staff, Nobles and Secretaries of the Archducal Family. It is also responsible for the administration of the Royal Residences.

During his reign, he developed the motto for the Archducal family, which is "Gracia nos ducit" or "Grace leads us" in English. This is meant to share the family's Catholic outlook on life and values.

House Law of the Family

On 12 May 2023, Archduke Arthur established the House Law of the Archducal Family, which regulates matters relating to descendants, adoption, marriage and titles of family members.

Titles, styles, and honours

Titles and styles

Coat of Arms of the Archduke
Archduke Arthur in the courtyard of Chyše Castle in full state uniform - 2023

As Archduke of Duckionary, his full style and title is:

His Royal and Apostolic Highness, Archduke Arthur I by the Grace of God, Sovereign Head of the Archducal House of Duckionary, Archduke of Duckionary, Grand Duke of Mopion, Duke of Panagua, Duke of Arcanus, Duke of Bouvet Island, Sultan of Smolkanistan, Sea Prince of Rungholt, Prince of Antiochia, Prince Count of Beaverland, Count of Sandfeld, Count of Kozel, Count of Lipinsula, Landgrave of Bradley-Land, Margrave of Crocker-Land, Baron of White Mountain, Lord of Vineta, Grand Voivode of the Gartenmark Voivodeship, Grand Master of the Order of the Knights of Duckionary, etc. etc.

National Honours
Nation Name of Medal Date of Award
 Duckionary Medal of the Admiral 24 March 2022
 Duckionary Medal of the Peace Duck 24 January 2022
 Duckionary Medal of the Civic Association 24 January 2022
 Duckionary General of the Order of the Golden Cockatoo 06 March 2022
 Duckionary Royal Navy Expeditionary Participation Medal 03 March 2023
Medal conferred on Vincent of Hélianthis in Ypres - 2023
Archduke Arthur in naval Uniform - 2024

Foreign Honours
Nation Name of Medal Date of Award
 Obscurium Recipient of the Obscure Friendship Medal

Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the Dancing Dragons

Knight of the Most Illustrious Order of the Sleeping Dragon

Recipient of the Medal of the Obelisk

Recipient of the Medal of the Golden Dragon

4 July 2021

25 December 2021

25 June 2022

11 March 2023

15 July 2023

 Atlia Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the Sparrow 10 January 2022
 Slitronia Great Inspirer of the Order of Inspiration

Captain of the Order of Diplomacy

30 October 2022

30 October 2022

Užupis Silver Garlic Clove 15 July 2023
Musania Honorary Postmaster of Musania and the Postmaster’s Button 15 July 2023
Edristan Ultra-Richtig-Krasse und nützliche diplomatische Ehrung 15 July 2023
 Dracul Citation of the Dragon (Silver Tier) 29 July 2023
 Sancratosia Medal for participation at Digi Micro Summit 29 July 2023
 Flandrensis Knight in the Order of the Melting Mountain 12 August 2023
 Westarctica Order of the Polar Cross 12 August 2023
 Slowjamastan Racoon of Friendship Award 12 August 2023
 Molossia Molossian Medal of Statesmanship 12 August 2023
MicroCon EU 2023 Participation Medal MicroCon EU 2023 Ypres 12 August 2023
 Ladonia Diplomatic Service Medal 12 August 2023
 Cycoldia Quinquennium Jubilee Medal of Christina I & II 06 November 2023
Pleiso Verdienstorden der Republik Pleiso III. Klasse

3. Jahrestags Medaille

03 December 2023

03 December 2023

 New Rubix Auguston Cross Civil Division 1st Class 06 January 2024
 MicroWiki MicroWiki Supporter Badge 06 January 2024
Military Titles
Nation Title
 Duckionary Admiral of the Royal Navy
 Duckionary Colonel of Honour of the Archducal Guard
 Duckionary Colonel-in-Chief of the Mounted Guard
 Dracul Cadet First Class
 Karnia-Ruthenia Honorary Colonel of the Imperial and Royal Regiment of Uhlans

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