Order of Diplomacy (Slitronia)

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Order of Diplomacy
Diplomaatia orden
Awarded by the

Great King of Slitronia
TypeOrder with multiple grades
Established30 October 2022
Awarded forPeople deemed by the monarch as having helped establish, and or helping keep good diplomatic relations with Slitronia.
StatusCurrently awarded
SovereignJohannes I
  • General (DOKi)
  • Captain (DOKa)
First induction30 October 2022
Last induction30 October 2022
Total inductees6
Next (higher)Order of Development
Next (lower)Lowest

The Order of Diplomacy (Estonian: Diplomaatia orden) is a multiple grade chivalric order of the Great Kingdom of Slitronia. It was founded by the Great King Johannes I of Slitronia on 30 October 2022[1]. Currently, it can only be awarded by the reigning great king.


The order has two grades, those being General (with the post-nominals DOKi) and Captain (with the post-nominals DOKa).


Currently, there are 6 recipients; 4 Generals and 2 Captains.


Name Country Date received
Arwelk I Warnargad  Esgeldia 30 October 2022
Varuna Sriraya  Vishwamitra 30 October 2022
Johannes I  Slitronia 30 October 2022
Sander II Koff  Revalia 30 October 2022


Name Country Date received
Arthur Constantin de Tourneau  Duckionary 30 October 2022
Koit Tamme  Kalia 30 October 2022