Royal Party (Slitronia)

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The Royal Party is the largest political party in the Great Kingdom of Slitronia. The party mostly consists of the first citizens of Slitronia, including the Great King Johannes I. It currently has 3 members and holds two seats in the Imperium.

Royal Party
Kuninglik Partei
PresidentJohannes I
FounderJohannes I
FoundedFebruary 2022 (2022-02)
Membership (2023)3
ColorsVivid Malachite
Seats in Imperium
2 / 5


The Royal Party was founded sometime in March 2022.

Previous results

Year Votes recieved Votes percent recieved Seats in the Imperium
2022 12 40%
2 / 5
2023 26 37.1%
2 / 5