Flags of Slitronia

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Flag of Slitronia
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Flag of Slitronia
Name Punamustroheline (Red-Black-Green)
Use National flag and ensign
Proportion 5:3
Adopted 11 April 2020
Design A horizontal of red, black, and green, where red and green touch in the middle.
Designed by Great King Johannes I
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Variant flag of Slitronia
Use State flag and ensign
Proportion 5:3
Adopted 11 April 2020
Design Civil flag defaced with the coat of arms lion in the middle.
Designed by Great King Johannes I

The flag of Slitronia (Estonian: Slitroonia lipp) is a tricolour featuring three horizontal bands, which are from top to down red, black, and green, with the red and green bands having a point in their centers touching.


Scheme RGB Hex
Candy Apple Red 255-16-0 #FF1000
Black 0-0-0 #000000
Vivid Malachite 0-193-35 #00C123



The predecessor to the current Slitronian flag is the Khuulide Khuttide Khlubi flag, which was a tricolor in red, black and blue.

Choosing of the flag

The current flag was chosen in a vote, which was held to decide on the flag and the name for Slitronia. There were four flag designs proposed for the country: the first flag proposed was the current flag of Slitronia, the second proposed flag was the flag of Slitronia inside an Estonian Flag (Current flag for Parva Navale), the third proposed flag was the flag originally belonging to a school group named Khuulide Khuttide Khlubi flag and the fourth and final proposed flag was a diagonal Estonian flag.

War Flag

Since Slitronia doesn't have a War Flag, then in case one is needed, the state flag hoist sinisterly can be used.

List of flags

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Civil and state maritime flags


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