Parva Navale

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Parva Navale
—  Capital City  —
Capital City of Parva Navale

Capital City The Great Kingdom of Slitronia
Settled April 11, 2020
Founder Great King Johannes I
 - Total 0.17 km2 (0.1 sq mi)
Population (2020)
 - Total 2
 - Density 11.8/km2 (30.5/sq mi)
Demonym Parva Navalean

Capital City of Parva Navale (Estonian: Slitroonia pealinn Parva Navale), commonly known as Parva Navale, is the capital and the most populous city of The Great Kingdom of Slitronia. It is enclaved by the city of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. In 2020 it had a population of 2. The total area of Parva Navale is 0.17 km2 (0.066 sq mi).


Parva Navale was established on the 11th of April, 2020. Its territory expanded on 16th March 2021.