Order of the Golden Cockatoo

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Order of the Golden Cockatoo
Orden des Goldenen Kakadus
Awarded by the Archduke of Duckionary
TypeState Order
Established6 March 2022
Royal houseDe Tourneau
RibbonYellow / Green
ArchdukeArthur de Tourneau
First induction6 March 2022
Last induction06 September 2023

The Order of the Golden Cockatoo, known as "Orden des Goldenen Kakadus" in German, holds a significant place within the Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary. It was founded on 06 March 2022, by the esteemed Archduke of Duckionary, Arthur C. de Tourneau. This prestigious order serves as a symbol of appreciation for the remarkable contributions made by individuals towards the progress and development of Duckionary, as well as their diplomatic efforts on behalf of the nation.

The Order of the Golden Cockatoo holds a unique distinction among Duckionary's honors, as it is the only one that can be physically sent to recipients by post, albeit in exceptional circumstances. This special recognition adds an extra layer of significance to the recipients, who are chosen for their exceptional achievements and meritorious service.

By bestowing this honorable distinction, Duckionary acknowledges the outstanding dedication and commitment demonstrated by its citizens and diplomats alike. The Order of the Golden Cockatoo stands as a testament to the nation's gratitude for the invaluable contributions made towards the betterment of Duckionary and its diplomatic relations.

Order of the Golden Cockatoo
Order of the Golden Cockatoo


The Order of the Golden Cockatoo has three distinguished grades: General, Captain, and Commander. Recipients of the order are recognized with post-nominal letters, with generals bearing the post-nominals GGC, captains CGC, and commanders COGC.


Recipient Role Grade Date conferred
Arthur de Tourneau Archduke of Duckionary General 6 March 2022
Zar Antonov President of Obscurium Captain 6 March 2022
Dhrubajyoti Roy Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra Captain 6 March 2022
Yvan Bertjens Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ladonia Captain 12 August 2023
Niels I Grand Duke of Flandrensis Captain 12 August 2023
Johannes I Great King of Slitronia Commander 6 March 2022
Name redacted Ambassador of Elleore Commander 21 January 2023
Franko Mayr Vice Chancellor of Waronia Commander 15 July 2023
Jan-Olav Spiekermann Co-Founder of Ethos Island Commander 15 July 2023
Name redacted Privy Councilor of Obscurium Commander 15 July 2023
Jürgen Schwarz Post Master General of Musograd Commander 15 July 2023
Nils Benedict Seuthe President of Edristan Commander 15 July 2023
Kevin Baugh President of Molossia Commander 12 August 2023
Randy Williams Sultan of Slowjamastan Commander 12 August 2023
Katrin Wünsche High Councilor of Duckionary Commander 25 August 2023
Jakob Wünsch Ambassador of Duckionary in Germany Commander 25 August 2023
Monsignore Hans Crown Councilor of Duckionary Commander 25 August 2023
Detlef Seydel Consul of Duckionary in Berlin Commander 06 September 2023

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