Principality of Shedingeh

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Principality of Shedingeh
Principato semplice litle.png Bandiera nuova litle.png

Capital city Shenland
Largest city Shenland
Official language(s) Italian
Official religion(s) catholic
Government constitutional monarchy
Prince Daniele I
Population 28 in November 2022
Currency Shencoin
Patron saint St. John Baptist

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The Principality of Shedingeh is a virtual micronation based with territory on the island of Shedingeh (the previous name of the island, before being renamed it was Pelagosa) between the Italian and Croatian coasts. The principality was founded by Prince Daniel I and on 7 February 2021 the first version of the constitution was drawn up.

The form of government used is a constitutional principality.


In the first days of February 2021 Daniele I with his son Prince Gabriel created the virtual island. After that, the constitution of the principality has been stipulated. From this moment, the principality organised himself, growing up his population, too. After Pelagosa Island was subsequently reclaimed and renamed Shedingeh Island


Year Pop. Tot. Notes
March 2021 9
April 2021 10
May 2021 11
June 2021 14
September 2021 18
November 2021 21
Juni 2022 23
September 2022 24
November 2022 28

Politics and government

The reigning prince, is the prince Daniele I, coordinated from the high counsil, formed by prince Gabriele and the princess Angela

Law and order

In the principality, the corps of police is called "The national Guard", and his general is the prince Gabriele.

Foreign relations

The Principality of Shedingeh has been recognized by the following micronations:


The Shedingeh sports team is entered in the following competitions:


  • MicroNations League Cup Season Winner: 2021-2022;
  • MicroAFL League Season Winner: 2022.

Culture and media

Now, the principality has got a settimanal newspaper, but it stamped on basic A4 sheets and it is on Italian.

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