Phong Dynasty

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Royal House of Huai Siao
Dynasty of Phong
CountryFlag Huai siao.png Empire of Huai Siao
Royal titleKing of Huai Siao
Emperor of Huai Siao
Rule the countryEmpire of Huai Siao
branch1 Royal Families
Number of Emperor2
First HeadKing David
Leader of the current familyEmperor Pao

The Phong Dynasty (Thai: ราชวงศ์พงศ์) was the first dynasty of Huai Siao and the dynasty that still ruled Huai Siao today, first established by King David. Since 2018, this era is called "Yuk Phong".

The origin of royal names and symbols

The name comes from the surname of King David. And it was officially adopted as the name of the royal family during the time of Emperor Pao. The symbol of the royal family can be obtained from The ancient Chinese royal family had a dragon character, believed to have power and power to rule.

Royal family

Most of the royals were siblings and relatives of King David. And in 2019, the royal family announced that the royal rule of the royal family was enacted according to the ancient Chinese style.

List of Emperors

Order The Royal image and the monogram Reign
King Rama 1

King David.
14 July 2017 - 20 December 2018
Emperor I

Emperor Pao.
28 October 2018 - Present