House of Crimson

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Monmarkian Royal Family
CountryUnited Kingdoms of Greater Monmark
Current regionTexas, mainly the United Kingdoms of Greater Monmark
Place of originScottish Highlands
FoundedDecember 26, 2017; 6 years ago (2017-12-26)
FounderAlexander I Constantine
Current headAlexander I Constantine
TitlesEmperor-High King of All Monmark

Grand Duchess of Ellmark
Archduke of the Empire
Duke of Feldstadt
Duchess of Feldstadt
Count of Gibraltar

Countess of Gibraltar
Style(s)His Imperial and Royal Majesty

His Imperial and Royal Highness

Her Imperial and Royal Highness
Members7 (21 extended)
Estate(s)United Kingdoms of Greater Monmark and Crimson Palace

The House of Crimson is the ruling royal house of the United Kingdoms of Greater Monmark holding many titles in that realm, but many in other realms as well. Established by HM David Augustus I on 26 December 2017 back when the Kingdom of Monmark was founded, the house has rapidly rose since the beginning of 2020.


The name of Crimson comes from the street upon which the Emperor-High King resides, within the capital region of Kaiserstadt-Koenigstadt.


Their influence on Monmarkian politics varies from member to member, with most being royals by technicality thus holding titles, whilst the Emperor-High King is involved in Monmarkian politics quite actively.

Influence outside of Monmark

Their influence on politics outside of Monmark is quite limited other than holding a few positions in other nations.


There are offically 7 members of the royal family, all residents of Monmark, and all possessing titles, with an additional 21 members of the extended family, all eligible for Monmarkian citizenship and royal status, there are many more members of the family ineligible for royal status due to distance.