Juvan I, Jarl of Hjalvik

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Jarl Juvan I
Jarl Juvan I on the territory of Hamarsey in 2020
1st Jarl of Hjalvik
Assumed office
29 August 2020
Predecessor Position established
Successor Incumbent
Prince of New Tyne
In office
31 January 2021–17 January 2022
Jarl Jarl Juvan I
Predecessor Position established
Successor Katriona I
Chancellor of the Nordic Assembly
Assumed office
28 September 2020
Deputy Chancellor Chris Ramsay
Predecessor Position established
Successor Incumbent
Head of the Hjalsk Armed Forces
Assumed office
29 August 2020
Supreme Commander Lord Max Hund
Predecessor Position established
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born 27 March 2004 (2004-03-27) (age 20)
Northumbria, England w:England
Citizenship  United Kingdom: 27 March 2004
 Hjalvik: 29 August 2020
Inishkea: 6 October 2020
 Iceni: 15 November 2020
 Revalia: 20 January 2021
 Austenasia: 30 December 2021 (honorary)
Relations Princess Katriona I (sister)
Princess Ila I (sister)
Residence Haugsetr, Hjalvik
Alma mater KGS (2016–2022)
University of Hjalvik (2021–present)
UHI (2022–present)
Religion Atheism
Military service
Allegiance  United Kingdom
Service/branch Royal Navy (2015–2017)
Hjalsk Navy (2020–present)
Hjalsk Air Force (2020–present)
HEME (2021–present)
Revalia Royal Revalian Navy (2021–present)
In service 2015–present
Rank Cadet (2015–2017)
Captain (2020–present)
Air Marshal (2020–present)
Design Engineer (2021–present)
Vice-Admiral (2021–present)

Jarl Juvan I (Juvan Matt Haugr I; born 27 March 2004), officially known as Juvan I, 1st Jarl of Hjalvik, is the first Jarl of Hjalvik. Jarl Juvan is responsible for the establishment of Hjalvik, along with its armed forces.

Personal life

Jarl Juvan Matt Haugr I was born in the historic region of Northumbria, England on 27 March 2004. Haugr moved to the Orkney Islands a few months after being born, and lived in the parish of Holm. In 2006 Haugr moved into what is modern-day Haugsetr. In 2012, Juvan Haugr’s younger sisters Katriona and Ila were born. They would eventually become the princesses of Hjalvik.

Haugr started school in 2008, and began high school in 2016. He finally graduated high school in April 2022, and went on to study history at university.

Haugr’s personal life includes being a historian, as well as the drummer and backing vocalist in a rock band, and a photographer.

Jarldom of Hjalvik

On 29 August 2020, Jarl Juvan I officially declared the Jarldom of Hjalvik independent from the United Kingdom. Since then, Jarl Juvan has attended all colonisation voyages, established the Hjalsk Armed Forces, and established the Hjalsk Fishing Co. On 19 September 2020, Jarl Juvan I contacted Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia, in order to establish an informal friendship agreement. This was passed through on 21 September.

Jarl Juvan serves as a captain in the Hjalsk Navy, and as an Air Marshal in the Hjalsk Air Force. He is chief design engineer in the HEME.

Political views

Jarl Juvan’s Political Compass

Jarl Juvan identifies as a socialist, but also expresses some nationalistic traits. He is largely against consumer capitalism and world globalisation.

Jarl Juvan supports monarchism in some cases, including the Hjalsk monarchy. He has been the leader of the Revalian National People’s Party since 2021.

Styles, honours, and titles

Styles of
Jarl Juvan I
Reference style His Lordship
Spoken style Your Lordship
Alternative style Juvan Haugr I


Vishwamitran state honours

Foreign titles

  • Inishkea:
    • 1st Baronet Howe – 6 October 2020
  •  Iceni:
    • Secretary of Culture – (15 November 2020–January 2021)
  •  Revalia:
    • Honorary Vice Admiral – 4 January 2021