Irish Micronational Council

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Irish Micronational Council
Imc logo.png
Logo of the Irish Micronational Council

Headquarters Ireland (Nominally)
IMC Discord Server

Official language English

Arranged by Zecheriah O'Hair
Member States Eiru
Delegates 4

Foundation 7 October 2020
First Congregation N/A

Join: IMC Discord Server

The Irish Micronational Council was created to serve as a local, national council for Irish Micronations that are members of the Global Micronational Council or GMC. The main goal of the IMC is to dissolve the isolationist experience that Irish Micronations experience and to unite them all under one organization, to encourage Irish Micronations to engage in diplomacy, general communication and to handle Irish Micronational affairs together. The Irish Micronational Council Establishment Agreement can be read here: IMC Establishment Agreement

Co-Prosperity Spheres


The Irish Micronational Council is divided into four Co-Prosperity spheres, which independently manage their own trade and diplomacy. All Co-Prosperity Spheres or CPS will exist to administer their respective regions as detailed below: ________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Yellow = Leinster Co-Prosperity Sphere LCPS
  • Green = Munster Co-Prosperity Sphere MCPS
  • Blue = Connacht Co-Prosperity Sphere CCPS
  • Purple = Ulster Co-Prosperity Sphere UCPS

If a new Irish micronation is formed, it will go to it’s local Co-Prosperity Sphere and if it meets requirements, will join the Co-Prosperity Sphere.

If a new Co-Prosperity Sphere is being made, the currently existing Co-Prosperity Sphere leaders will vote on whether or not it will be made.

Member States

Name Flag Date Joined Co-Prosperity Sphere
Republic of Scoria Flag scoria.png October 7 2020 Munster Co-Prosperity Sphere
Imperial Republic of Eiru NewImpFlag.jpg October 7 2020 Leinster Co-Prosperity Sphere
Ríocht of Inishkea Riocht.jpg October 7 2020 Connacht Co-Prosperity Sphere
Imperial Republic of Eiru NewImpFlag.jpg October 7 2020 Ulster Co-Prosperity Sphere