Hjalsk Navy

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Hjalsk Navy
"Hjalsk Farmaþinar"
Hjalsk Naval Flag.png
Active 29 August 2020 – present
Country Jarldom of Hjalvik
Part of Hjalsk Armed Forces
Engagements N/A
Royal Admiral Jakub Topheim
Rear Admiral Max Hund
General Information
Headquarters Hamarsey
Enrolment 8
Reserves 2

The Hjalsk Navy is the naval branch of the Hjalsk Armed Forces. It is often considered the most important branch of the forces. The enrolment age for the Hjalsk Navy is 16 years of age.



The Hjalsk Navy was established on 29 August 2020, as part of the armed forces contract, by Jarl Juvan I. The navy has since enrolled 8 soldiers, and has established 4 naval bases across Hjalvik.


The Hjalsk Navy is structured between two main fleets; the Hjalsk Grand Fleet and the Hjalsk Home Fleet.

  • Hjalsk Grand Fleet
    • HS Hjalvik
    • SS Josef
    • HS Keipr
    • SS SS
  • Hjalsk Home Fleet
    • HS Byhals
    • HS Jatvörþr


The Hjalsk Navy has 11 official ranks, and 1 honorary rank which can only be granted personally by the Jarl of Hjalvik. Reserves are under the control of the Navy during drill and training.

General Rank Information

Officer Rank Typical Command Size Service to reach promotion
Reserve No Command N/A
Cadet No Command N/A
Midshipman All Cadets and Reserves Promotion for good performance.
Able Seaman All ranks below Able Seaman Promotion for loyalty and service.
Civilian Officer All ranks below Civilian Officer Promotion for continued loyalty and service.
Petty Officer All ranks below Petty Officer Promotion for continued loyalty and service.
Chief Petty Officer All ranks below Chief Petty Officer Promotion for loyalty and good service as Petty Officer.
Warrant Officer All ranks below Warrant Officer Promotion for long time loyalty and outstanding service.
Commanding Officer All ranks below Commanding Officer Promotion for continued long time loyalty and outstanding service.
Captain All ranks below Captain Promotion for long time loyalty and outstanding battle performance as Commanding Officer.
Rear Admiral All ranks below Rear Admiral; Command over navy when Admiral and Vice Admiral are absent Promotion for long time outstanding loyalty and service and battle performance as Captain.
Vice Admiral All ranks below Vice Admiral; Command over navy when Admiral is absent Promotion for outstanding loyalty and service and multiple events of outstanding battle performance.
Royal Admiral (HN) Command over entire navy Honorary rank granted by Jarl of Hjalvik.

Rank Insignia

Hjalsk Navy
Royal Admiral (HN) Vice Admiral Rear Admiral Captain Commanding Officer Warrant Officer Chief Petty Officer Petty Officer Civilian Officer Able Seaman Midshipman Cadet
Hjalsk RoyalAdmiral.jpeg HjalskViceAdmiral.jpeg Hjalsk Rear Admiral.jpeg Hjalsk Captain.jpeg HjalskCommandingOfficer.jpeg HjalskWarrantOfficer.jpeg HjalskChiefPettyOfficer.jpeg HjalskPettyOfficer.jpeg HjalskCivilianOfficer.jpeg HjalskAbleSeaman.jpeg HjalskMidshipman.jpeg HjalskCadet.jpeg


The Hjalsk Navy has a fleet of 6 vessels, with a 7th under construction.

Vessel Name Launched Class Crew Capacity District Served
HS Hjalvik (Formerly SS Ewan) 2017 (2020 under HS Hjalvik) Battleship 2 All
SS SS 2019 Battleship 4 All
SS Josef 2019 Scout Cruiser 2 Midfold
HS Jatvörþr (Formerly HMS Beale) 2019 (2020 under HS Jatvörþr) Battleship 1 Norþfold
HS Byhals 2019 Battleship 1 Norþfold
HS Keipr 2021 Drone scout vessel 0 All
HS Ölker Under Construction (estimated completion 2021) Aircraft Carrier N/A Norþfold


The Hjalsk Navy has 4 naval bases; 2 of which are shared with the Hjalsk Army.

Name Location Overseer Established
Port Hamarsey Hamarsey Jarl Juvan I 30 August 2020
Tanþheim Military Base Tanþheim Jakub Topheim 31 August 2020
Port Hestavagr Hestavagr Jarl Keaghan I 6 September 2020
Sandvölr Military Base Sandvölr Jatvörþr Byhals 3 November 2020

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