Jarl of Hjalvik

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Jarl of Hjalvik
Hjalvik Coat of Arms.png
[[|Arms of His Highness the Jarl of Hjalvik]]
Jarl Juvan I
Jarl Keaghan I

Style His Highness
Heir presumptive Katriona Haugr
First monarch Jarl Juvan I
Formation 29 August 2020

The Jarl of Hjalvik is the title given to the monarch of Hjalvik. The position is currently a joint position, between Jarl Juvan I, and Jarl Keaghan I.


The role of jarl came about with the establishment of Hjalvik as a jarldom on 29 August 2020. It has since been adopted by Jarl Juvan I and Jarl Keaghan I.

List of Jarls

Number Picture Name Home territory On throne
1 Jarl Juvan I Haugsetr 29 August 2020 - present
2 Jarl Keaghan I Engrhus 29 August 2020 - present