Jarl of Hjalvik

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Jarl of Hjalvik
Hjalvik Coat of Arms.png
[[|Arms of His Highness the Jarl of Hjalvik]]
Flag of Hjalvik.svg
Jarl Juvan I
Jarl Keaghan I

Style His Highness
Heir presumptive Katriona I
First monarch Jarl Juvan I
Formation 29 August 2020

The Jarl of Hjalvik is the title given to the monarch of Hjalvik. The position is currently a joint position, between Jarl Juvan I, and Jarl Keaghan I.


The role of jarl came about with the establishment of Hjalvik as a jarldom on 29 August 2020. It has since been adopted by Jarl Juvan I and Jarl Keaghan I.

List of Jarls

Number Picture Name Home territory On throne
1 Jarl Juvan I Haugsetr 29 August 2020–present
2 Jarl Keaghan I Engrhus 29 August 2020–present

Current line of succession

The line of succession to the post of Jarl of Hjalvik goes directly down to the eldest male child. As of 2022, there are no males directly following Jarl Juvan I in the current line of succession, with Princess Katriona I next in line to assume the position.