Hjalsk Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

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Hjalsk Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
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Active 5 January 2021 - present
Country Hjalskflag.png Jarldom of Hjalvik
Allegiance HAF flag.jpeg Hjalsk Armed Forces
Motto Skills in Bravery
Head Max Hund
Chief Engineer Jatvörþr Byhals
General Information
Headquarters Thanedom of Sandvölr
Size 8 personnel

The Hjalsk Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, abbreviated to HEME, is the Hjalsk government’s branch of engineers working for the Hjalsk Armed Forces as well as other government needs. The HEME is responsible for many Hjalsk government projects. It is managed by the Ministry of Defence.

The HEME currently employs 8 personnel in roles ranging from mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, designers, decorators and labourers.



The Hjalsk Electrical and Mechanical Engineers was established on 5 January 2021 by Jarl Juvan I. The Hjalsk Government by this time had already hosted the construction of many projects, and the HEME was established as a nationalised force that would work on government projects at a speed far more productive than any private construction industry in Hjalvik.


The HEME has taken part in many of Hjalvik’s government projects, often directed by Jarl Juvan I or Max Hund. Notable projects the HEME is responsible for are:

  • Hjalsk Armed Forces armoury
  • Hjalsk naval vessel construction
  • Hjalsk Armed Forces RC scheme 2021
  • Hjalsk Armed Forces heavy duty transport refurbishment


The HEME has two main construction yards and a smaller parts-assembly yard.

The largest of the HEME yards is the Meiser yard, manned by Jatvörþr Byhals. The Meiser yard has a team of 3 HEME personnel, 2 of which are fully trained at engineering and designing, with the third being a part-time labourer.

The second HEME construction yard is the Haugsetr yard. Situated in the Midfold district, it is often described as the capital HEME base. The Haugsetr yard is most commonly used due to its central position and easy access. It is the busiest of the HEME yards and employs 2 personnel part-time, and a third full-time.

The Rosby yard is the HEME’s smallest base, being only a parts-assembly yard. It is at the Rosby yard that parts are manufactured and cut down to size before they are shipped off to the larger yards to be pieced together by engineers. The Rosby yard has one full-time engineer and one part-time design engineer.


The HEME personnel receive training methods every so often, usually involving the construction of a small project, which is assessed by the quality of the piece. Most HEME staff also serve as soldiers in the Hjalsk Armed Forces, and therefore are fully trained in military attack and defence skills, in the event of the invasion of a construction yard.

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