Thanedom of Sandvölr

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Þegndom av Sandvölr
Flag of Þegndom av Sandvölr
Map showing territories of Sandvölr within Sanday.
Map showing territories of Sandvölr within Sanday.
Sovereign stateJarldom of Hjalvik
Established1 September 2020 (as territory)
Independence as thanedom1 December 2020
Official languagesEnglish, Hjalsk, Helwiccisc
• Thane
Julius Byhals
• Governor
Jatvörþr Byhals
• Monarch
Jarl Juvan I
• Total
0.252 km2 (0.097 sq mi)
• Census
5 (2 de facto) (2021)
CurrencyBritish Pound, Hjalsk Skilingr
Time zoneGMT
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft

The Thanedom of Sandvölr, commonly referred to as Sandvölr, is a Hjalsk thanedom located in the Norþfold region of Hjalvik. It is the largest territory in Hjalvik, at over 52 acres.


Sandvölr is located on the Orkney isle of Sanday. Because of this, Sandvölr’s name means "sandy field" in Hjalsk. The Sandvölsk territory of Grösdunr simply means "grassy dune" in Hjalsk, due to its geography, situated on the top of a sand dune.



Sandvölr was established on 1 September 2020, when Julius and Jatvörþr Byhals donated a large portion of their land to Hjalvik. It became Hjalvik’s largest territory. In November 2020 it wasn’t announced that Sandvölr would become a thanedom on 1 December 2020. Jatvörþr Byhals took immediate power as the first thane.


On 1 September 2020, Sandvölr was claimed by the Jarldom of Hjalvik as a territory, within the newly-founded region of Norþfold. It was a largest territory ever claimed by Hjalvik at the time. On 11 October 2020, Julius Byhals journeyed up a large sand dune, to the territory of Grösdunr, and claimed it for Hjalvik with a small Hjalsk flag.

Military actions

Sandvölr soon became home to large military establishments and an important shipyard. Hjalsk vessels such as HS Jatvörþr, HS Byhals and HS Ölker were built in Sandvölr.

Reign of Jatvörþr Byhals

On 1 December 2020, Sandvölr became a thanedom, with Jatvörþr Byhals, the older of two heirs, becoming thane. When it was first announced in November 2020, that Sandvölr would become a thanedom, Jatvörþr, who was governor at the time, announced that he wished to remain governor, and pass the title of thane to his younger brother, Julius. On 30 November 2020, a final agreement was made that Jatvörþr would become the thane of Sandvölr from 1 December 2020 until 1 January 2021, then Governor Julius Byhals would become thane.

Reign of Julius Byhals

At 12:00pm GMT on 1 January 2021, Julius Byhals was crowned Lord Julius Byhals I, 2nd thane of Sandvölr.


Sandvölr geography is mainly flat grassy fields, though it also governs one mile of shoreline. The Meiser territory consists of 52 acres of relatively flat fields, with the settlement of Meiser directly in the middle. The settlement is accessible via a long track down one of the fields. Meiser is home to Lake Meiser; a small marshy lake which in summer, almost completely dries up, but during winter, the lake is often frozen over, with the water being a decent depth.

Lake Meiser looking dry on a spring day in April 2021.

The territory of Heiþrby is very similar to Meiser. It is 12 acres of field, although the land is more of a moorland than fertile fields. Grösdunr sits atop a large sand dune, being the highest point in Sandvölr. It consists of a small amount of beach grass on the dune, overlooking the bay of Cata Sands, out over to Meiser and Heiþrby.


Sandvölr is made up of two territories. These each have their own governors.

Name Flag Incorporated into Thanedom of Sandvölr Area Population Governor
Grösdunr N/A 1 December 2020 N/A 0 Julius Byhals
Meiser N/A 1 December 2020 0.21 km² 3 Jatvörþr Byhals
Heiþrby N/A 17 April 2021 0.0486 km² 2 Bar Tek

Military establishments

Sandvölr is home to a large military base used by all three divisions of the Hjalsk Armed Forces. Sandvölr is the only territory in Hjalvik whose military base has cavalry. The Imperial Hjalsk Navy uses the port to build and launch vessels. The Royal Hjalsk Army uses the grounds for military and cavalry training, and the Royal Hjalsk Air Force uses the territory for flight practice. Sandvölr is home to the largest HEME construction and assembly yard in Hjalvik.