Hjalsk Territories

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Hjalsk Territories
Flag of Hjalsk Territories
Sovereign stateJarldom of Hjalvik
Largest territorySandvölr
Official languagesEnglish
• Monarch
Jarl Juvan I
• Census
0 residential
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy

The Hjalsk Territories are the land claims and territories that together make up the Jarldom of Hjalvik. Hjalvik currently lays claims to 5 territories.

List of territories

Hjalvik has 5 officially claimed territories, they are listed below:

Name Flag Arms Annexed District Area Population Official(s)
Brungarþr N/A 24 February 2021 Midfold 480 m² 0 Governor
Klettholmr N/A N/A 30 August 2020 Austfold 50 m² 0 Governor
Hamarsey N/A 30 August 2020 Midfold N/A 0 Governor
Jarl Juvan I
Hestavagr N/A 6 September 2020 Vestfold 120 m² 0 Governor
Jarl Keaghan I
Viþland File:Flag of Viþland.jpeg N/A 30 December 2021 Vestfold N/A 0 Governor
Tomas Kenarþr


It is often said that the first officially claimed territory of Hjalvik was Hamarsey, on 30 August 2020. Other early territories are notably Haugsetr, Bjarnihus and Engrhus.

The first territory to be elevated to a thanedom was the former Tanþheim, on 31 October 2020. It is sometimes stated that the first colony was the former Jarl Hakon Islands, although this claim is unofficial, and widely disputed. On 27 February 2024, following the Hjalsk reforms much of Hjalvik's territorial claims were abandoned, and all four thanedoms were disbanded.