Jarl Hakon Islands

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Jarl Hakon Islands
  Hjalsk Colony  

Country Jarldom of Hjalvik
District Overseas
Claimed 22 November 2020
 - Type Monarchy
 - Jarl Jarl Juvan I
 - Jarl Jarl Keaghan I
 - Total 260 km2 (100.4 sq mi)
Population (2020)
 - Total 0
Time zone GMT

The Jarl Hakon Islands are two Antarctic islands that make up a Hjalsk overseas claim. They are often thought to unofficially be the first Hjalsk colony, although this is disputed.


The islands were named after Hákon Pálsson, former Earl of Orkney.


The Jarl Hakon Islands were claimed by Jarl Juvan I on 22 November 2020.

They originally were part of the British Antarctic claims, although no part of Antarctica is legally owned, therefore the Hjalsk claims are as valid as the British claims.

As of 2020, Hjalvik has no intentions of doing anything with the territory.


The Jarl Hakon Islands are macronationally known as Smith Island, and Low Island, and are considered part of the South Shetland archipelago, and are mostly covered with snow.