Helwiccisc language

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Helwiccisc language
Helwiccisc spraicon
Spoken inJarldom of Hjalvik
Writing system(s)Helwiccisc Latin

The Helwiccisc language, more commonly referred to as Helwiccisc, is a constructed Germanic language used rarely in certain parts of the Jarldom of Hjalvik, or the Helwiccisc Erldaam. It is used for recounting tales and some official reports. Helwiccisc was directly developed from Proto-Germanic meaning it is quite different from most other Germanic languages, although the orthography was inspired by both Old English and Gothic.



Helwiccisc letter IPA
a /æ/
b /b/
c /k/
d /d/
ð /ð/
e /ɛ/ or /ə/
f /f/
g /g/
h /h/
i /i/ or /ɪ/
j /j/
l /l/
m /m/
n /n/
o /ɔ/
ó /oː/
p /p/
r /r/ or /ɾ/
s /s/
t /t/
u /u/
w /w/
x /ks/
þ /θ/


Digraph IPA
ai /ɛː/
eo /ɪo/
ei /iː/
ch /x/
sc /ʃ/
cc /k/ at end of words

Example text

Lord's Prayer

   Unser faðer. þu hwai bist in himin
   Þin namo biþ gehailaged
   Þin cyningricc cweman
   Þin weljo wes gewerþe
   Licc an erþ swai an himin
   Gaf unsir sa dag unser daglic braðan
   Uþa for-gaf þas hwai sunðeþ wiþ uns