Ministry of Defence (Hjalvik)

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Ministry of Defence
File:HMOD Logo.png
Logo of the Ministry of Defence
Ministry overview
Formed24 February 2021
JurisdictionJarldom of Hjalvik
Minister responsible
Child Ministry

The Ministry of Defence is the government department responsible for the defence, aid and security of the Jarldom of Hjalvik. The ministry was formally established on 24 February 2021. It operates the Hjalsk Armed Forces including all its divisions, as well as monitoring the Hjalsk borders. The ministry employs 13 men.


The Ministry of Defence was established on 24 February 2021, after Jarl Juvan demanded that Hjalvik’s security and defence would be monitored by a larger government agency. Max Hund was designated as Minister of Defence.


The Ministry of Defence has only appointed one Minister of Defence so far.

Portrait Name Term of office Notes
File:Max Hund.jpeg Lord Max Hund 24 February 2021 – present Hund is the first and to date only Minister of Defence in Hjalvik.

Sphere or influence

The Ministry of Defence oversees all of Hjalvik’s territories, with a 1-mile radius extending around each territory. Often watchtowers are located nearby, sometimes in macronational soil.

The Ministry of Defence often monitors areas leading up to Hjalsk territories to reduce the chances of invasion from that particular area.