Royal Hjalsk Army

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Royal Hjalsk Army
"Riklikr Hjalsk Herliþ"
Flag of Hjalsk Armed Forces.png
Active 29 August 2020 - present
Country Jarldom of Hjalvik
Part of Hjalsk Armed Forces
Engagements Short Rebellion
Grand Marshal Jatvörþr Byhals
Drill Sergeant Julius Byhals
General Information
Headquarters Tanþheim
Enrolment 8
Reserves 2

The Royal Hjalsk Army is the main army of the Jarldom of Hjalvik. It is the largest of the military branches of the Hjalsk Armed Forces, with a current recruitment of 8.



The Royal Hjalsk Army was established on 29 August 2020, as part of the Hjalsk Armed Forces contract, by Jarl Juvan I. The army had very little funding, but was eventually built up by citizens of Hjalvik deciding to enrol upon their own behalf. The Royal Hjalsk Army’s official flag was adopted on 3 October 2020.

Short Rebellion

On 2 November 2020, a rebellion broke out during an armed forces drill. After multiple ranks refusing to listen to Jarl Juvan I and the Royal Admiral Jakub Topheim, Drill Commander Hourston decided to take the side of the recruits, resulting in a minor uprising against the Jarldom. After a short while, the rebellion has accomplished nothing over Hjalvik, and decided to back down and apologise to the Jarl. Herra Tek received a Hjalsk Medal of Bravery for putting himself between the Jarl and the rebels, in defence of the monarchy.


The Royal Hjalsk Army is structured in two main divisions, each with individual regiments.

  • 1st Hjalsk Division
    • Midfold Regiment
      • 1st Midfold Battalion
      • 2nd Midfold Battalion
    • 2nd Hjalsk Medical Regiment
    • 1st Outer Regiment
      • 1st Eastern Battalion
      • 1st Western Battalion
    • 1st HEME Regiment
  • 2nd Hjalsk Division
    • 1st Sandvölr Regiment
      • 1st Meiser Battalion
      • 1st Grösdunr Battalion
    • 1st Tanþheim Regiment
      • 1st Eiktoft Battalion
    • 1st Hjalsk Medical Regiment
    • 2nd HEME Regiment


The Royal Hjalsk Army has 8 official ranks, and 1 honorary rank which can only be granted personally by the Jarl of Hjalvik. Army reserves are also under the control of the Royal Army while they are in training.

General Rank Information

Officer Rank Typical Command Size Service to reach promotion
Reserve No Command N/A
Private No Command N/A
Private 1st Class No Command Promotion for discipline and good performance.
Specialist All Privates and Reserves Promotion for discipline, loyalty and good performance
Drill Sergeant All troops on drill Promotion for discipline, loyalty and good performance.
Sergeant All ranks below Sergeant Promotion for loyalty and service.
Commander All ranks below Commander Promotion for loyalty and long service.
Lieutenant All ranks below Lieutenant Promotion for long time loyalty and service.
General All ranks below General Promotion for long time loyalty and outstanding service as senior rank.
Brigadier All ranks below Brigadier Highest promotable rank in Royal Army of Hjalvik. Promotion for long time service and loyalty, and outstanding battle performance as General.
Grand Marshal (RHA) Complete command over Royal Army of Hjalvik. Honorary rank granted personally by the Jarl of Hjalvik.

Rank Insignia

Royal Hjalsk Army
Grand Marshall (RHA) Brigadier General Lieutenant Commander Sergeant Drill Sergeant Specialist Private 1st Class Private
Hjalsk GrandMarshal.jpeg HjalskBrigadier.jpeg HjalskGeneral.jpeg HjakskLieutenant.jpeg HjalskCommander.jpeg HjalskSergeant.jpeg HjalskDrillSergeant.jpeg HjalskSpecialist.jpeg HjalskPrivate1stClass.jpeg HjalskPrivate.jpeg


The Royal Hjalsk Army has two main bases within Hjalsk territory. These are both used for individual training purposes, although they are both shared between other divisions of the armed forces. A third base is Fort Völborg, which is on British territory, although operated by Hjalvik.

Name Location Overseer Established
Tanþheim Military Base Tanþheim Jakub Topheim 31 August 2020
Sandvölr Military Base Sandvölr Jatvörþr Byhals 3 November 2020
Fort Völborg United Kingdom Julius Byhals 15 December 2020

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