Assembly of Chicagoland Micronations

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Assembly of Chicagoland Micronations

Headquarters ACM Discord server

Official language English

Membership 7 full members, 2 observers

Founder Republic of Avalonia
Co-Founder Holy Republic of FRID

Member States
Federal Union of Wegmat
Republic of Weimar
Empire of Kapreburg

Discord server

The Assembly of Chicagoland Micronations is a intermicronational organization based in and around the Chicagoland area. The ACM was created to establish and strengthen diplomatic ties between nations who have territory within Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry, and Will counties, or territory in close proximity to Chicago.

Assembly Function


The ACM functions as an IGO led by an Executive Council. All state will full member status will have equal voting and proposition powers. Temporary member nations will have the same powers as a full member state for a one-month term. Temporary members will have the ability to become full member states or extend their temporary member term. The ACM consists of two Committees, and five Subcommittees, with directors of subcommittees appointed by the ACM Executive Council.

Executive Council

The ACM Executive Council consists of four positions: Chair, Co-Chair, and two Executive Officers. The Chair and Co-Chair serve as the main presiding states over the Assembly, with the Executive Officers assisting with administration and organization.

Members of the ACM Executive Council
Position State Date Appointed
Chair Republic of Avalonia 08/18/2021
Co-Chair Holy Republic of FRID 08/18/2021
Executive Director Federal Union of Wegmat 08/22/2021


The ACM consists of two committees, and five subcommittees. All subcommittees are available to join to all full and temporary member states. All subcommittee proceedings are public to member and observer states. Subcommittees have no power to instate intermicronational mandates, yet recommendations and agreements are acceptable if ratified by all member states of the ACM.

ACM First General Assembly

The ACM First General Assembly consists of two GA subcommittees: the Subcommittee of Intermicronational Security, and the Subcommittee of Economic Development. Both Subcommittees have appointed directors.

ACM FGAC Directors
Subcommittee Position State Date Appointed
Subcommittee of Intermicronational Security Director Holy Republic of FRID 08/25/2021
Subcommittee of Economic Development Director Republic of Avalonia 08/25/2021
ACM Second Specialized Committee

The ACM Second Specialized Committee consists of three specialized subcommittees: the Subcommittee of Environmental Protection, the Subcommittee of Health, and the Subcommittee of Culture.

ACM SSC Directors
Subcommittee Position State Date Appointed
Subcommittee of Environmental Protection Director Democratic Weimar Republic 09/01/2021
Subcommittee of Health Director Democratic Republic of the United and Continuous Empire 09/01/2021
Subcommittee of Culture Director Federal Union of Wegmat 09/01/2021


Membership to the ACM can be obtained by three ways: invitation to the ACM by a member of the Executive Council, a recommendation made by a member state and voted in by the Executive Council, or by completing and passing the ACM application phase. Nations who have territory within Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry, and Will counties, or territory in close proximity to Chicago can become full or temporary member states. All other micronational entities are welcome as observers.

Current Full Member States

Observer States